University of Birmingham to implement new mandatory uniform next academic year

This will make UoB the first UK university to have a uniform

Leaked images reveal plans from Adam Tickell, vice chancellor of University of Birmingham, to introduce a mandatory uniform to be worn by all students from the beginning of the 2024/25 academic year.

UoB will be the first university in the UK to implement this change with vice chancellor Ticknell hoping it will cause many more to follow suit.

The introduction of mandatory uniform is part of a larger rebranding effort within the university, aiming to position UoB as an innovative leader in higher education. The rebrand is already underway, with the introduction of motivational banners along the street lamps on campus, photography campaigns and a new slick website design. The leaked new uniform is seen to be the next phase of the rebrand.

The university hosts students from over 120 countries and continues to drive home the notion of one community across its media outputs. According to a university insider, this change is to be introduced to instil a sense of pride and belonging into UoB students, representing the university across its many educational spaces in the city and globally at the University’s Dubai Campus .

Photos of the uniform were obtained exclusively by The Birmingham Tab from a source code in the university website.

The photos reveal a drafted design for the University of Birmingham’s uniform, including a signature blue blazer with the iconic coat of arms embroidered on the left chest, a pair of grey trousers, and a redbrick inspired tie with an embroidered Old Joe motif to complete the uniform.

The UoB insider told The Birmingham Tab: “Ever since Birmingham became recognised as the first choice for graduate employers, the senior team has been focused on introducing something that would set University of Birmingham students up for their bright futures.”

UoB’s vice chancellor Adam Tickell was appointed in 2022 and has been focused on redefining what it means to be a UoB student, with plans for a uniform in the pipeline for the past two years.

Marchez Offur, a first year international business student at UoB told The Birmingham Tab: “I’m not sure if this uniform will have us taken seriously as students, but it does make the university very memorable in the eyes of visitors and future employers, so I guess that’s the message they want to convey”

The idea wasn’t met entirely negatively though as third year history student, April Madson, defended the idea saying: “It creates a sense of belonging, much like in jobs, a uniform is an element of your identity that also leaves everyone on an equal footing. I’m not sure about a tie though, that seems a bit too formal for a 9am seminar.”

You should probably check the date, you April fools!

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