University of Lincoln student club night Quack to rebrand as Moo after rubber duck shortage

The student night out will now throw cow plushies into the crowd instead of ducks

University of Lincoln Students’ Union club night Quack will be rebranding as Moo due to a national rubber duck shortage.

In a leaked email sent to SU staff, management explained that Moo would take over from Quack with “immediate effect” after they were unable to source any more iconic rubber ducks.

The event’s rebrand will include a new Moo logo, a black and white colour scheme, and cow plushies which will replace Quacks iconic rubber ducks. Quack’s duck mascot Darcy will also be swapped out for Moo’s Millie the cow.

The email explained that the rebranding offered a chance to celebrate the recent success of the University of Lincoln’s Risehome Campus which is home to Lincoln Red cattle. It explained how Moo will also serve as a suitable celebration of the campus’ agricultural research which is often overlooked.

Explaining that there is currently “little representation of the university’s agricultural research in life on the main campus”, the email read that the SU hopes Moo will help to “foster a new appreciation for this vital aspect of our university’s identity among our students”.

April, a first year student at the University of Lincoln, told The Tab Lincoln she was saddened to hear that Quack would be no more, but that cows were her favourite animal. She said: “I loved Quack, especially as I never had to buy any of my family Christmas or birthday presents because I just gifted them a rubber duck I found on the floor.

“It’s not the end of the world though because I actually prefer cows. I’m also gonna stick my ducks on eBay so hopefully I’ll make some bank.”

R.I.P Quack, we all had a quacking time but sometimes it’s just time to moo-ve on.

You might want to check the date, you April Fools! 

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