Leeds student rammed a police car to escape after being caught selling cocaine and cannabis

23-year-old Asif Yaseen was given a suspended sentence and will be permitted to continue studying at the University of Leeds

A University of Leeds student received a two year prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, after was caught dealing drugs in Headingley.

23-year-old Asif Yaseen rammed into a police car in an attempt to escape arrest on February 9th, but was caught by police and found with more £890 worth of cocaine and cannabis on him separated into deals, along with £464 in cash.

On top of the suspended sentence, the accountancy student was given 200 hours of unpaid work, a three month electronically-tagged curfew, and a 12 month driving ban, Yorkshire Evening Post reports.

Police officers on patrol shortly before 5pm on the evening of the 9th witnessed a pedestrian approach a black Vauxhall Corsa on Newport Road in what they believed to be an obvious drug deal.

Approaching Yaseen, one car pulled up in front of his vehicle whilst another parked behind. On realising he would be arrested, Yaseen put his vehicle into reverse and smashed into the police vehicle behind, continuing to rev as he tried to push the car out of the way.

The third year student then attempted to drive forward, but an officer on foot was able to smash the car window and remove him from the vehicle.

Police then found two iPhones, one of which had messages instructing Yaseen where to drop off drugs and collect cash, with the total amount added up over the days.

The student later admitted in Leeds Crown Court to dealing in cocaine and cannabis, and dangerous driving.

Nicholas Hammond, mitigating, said after being charged, Yaseen had confessed to his university tutor he had been “extremely foolish”, but was told he will be permitted to continue his studies when he is able to.

He added that Yaseen, of Harehills Lane, Harehills, has no previous convictions and had also worked for Arla Foods.

Mr Hammond said: “He has worked hard to provide for his family and educate himself. He funded his own education by way of legitimate work. He made a very stupid decision.”

He added that it was “clear” Yaseen was being instructed by those higher up in the drug dealing chain and his actions were in order to clear his own debt to dealers.

The Crown neither accepted nor rejected this statement, explapning that it would make little difference to his sentence.

Judge Richard Mansell KC said he would take an “exceptional course” of action and give Yaseen a suspended sentence due to his age, lack of previous convictions and his promising career.

He said: “People were plainly asking you to attend addresses and there was a running total of the profits made. You ae still only a young man.

“You are a very lucky man, but take this chance because if you come back before me I will lock you up.”

On top of his sentencing, Yaseen must also take an extended re-test to get his licence back.

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