Nominations are now OPEN for The Tab Notts’ BNOC of the year 2024

It’s now or never

As we’re all aware, Notts is home to many iconic students. As we slowly approach exam season and the end of the academic year, it’s the perfect time to take stock and see who actually deserves to wear the crown of the ultimate BNOC this time round. There are countless worthy students; those who seemingly know every single person you’ve met at uni and are going out every other night with different groups of friends.

If you’re really not sure what it means, BNOC stands for: Big Name On Campus. It might be your housemate who seems to know everyone and stops a million times before making it to class on campus, the girl who you always seem to bump into in Portland Coffee or maybe that one guy who constantly catches everybody’s eye in class.

A BNOC is someone who constantly has plans with various different groups of friends, known for their humour or sometimes embarrassing mishaps on campus or around Lenton.

If you think you or someone you know fits the bill for being the ultimate Notts BNOC, nominate on the form bellow. All nominations are anonymous, so don’t hesitate to nominate your Ocean Friday crush. Yes, you could even nominate yourself – no one will ever know.

If you have a story to go along with your nomination be sure to include – we’d love to hear why your nomination deserves the crown.

You have until this Friday to nominate your BNOC worthy friends. There will then be three to four rounds of voting with the top two from each round going through to the final. Make sure you keep an eye on our articles and our Instagram, so you get to cast your vote for who you think is truly the ultimate BNOC.

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