Fallout TV phone easter egg

OMG! Fallout has a real number you can call or text to get a secret easter egg

If you actually ring it, prepare to be terrified

In episode six of Fallout the TV show on Amazon, arguably one of the best in the whole of the first series, there’s an advert from Vault-Tec that has a number display across the screen. In a move of pure genius, this is an easter egg from Fallout TV where if you actually call or text the phone number something happens irl!

Charges apply if you ring it (of course, VERY Vault-Tec), but the number that appears is 213-25-VAULT (213-258-2858) or, if you’re a UK resident, 001-213-258-2858. It comes up in episode six when Cooper Howard is giving the advert promoting the Vaults to the pre-nuked world.

If you make the call, prepare for actual terror – the person on the other end sounds like they’re being tortured and you can hear screaming and pain. Harrowing. If you text the number though, the response is a lot more chill.

“Thank you for texting Vault-Tec. The next available appointment is 33 weeks from now, please stand by!” it reads, according to the above tweet. “Congratulations! We may or may not be in touch if an appointment becomes available,”

The 33 weeks part of the response has fans in overdrive with theories about what it could mean. Some think it’s linked to Lucy’s vault in the show which is Vault 33 – whereas others think it’s a countdown to an announcement in 33 weeks time that could be linked to more episodes of even a new Fallout game. The Fallout TV phone number easter egg is such a nice touch – I just love this show more and more each day.

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