‘Terrified’ student watched as mouse ran around Manchester Metropolitan University library

The rodent was seen on the first floor of the All Saints Library on Saturday

A mouse has been spotted running around inside the Manchester Metropolitan University library.

Footage of a rodent on the first floor of the All Saints Library was shared online, where the mouse can be seen hopping about underneath the legs of a computer chair inside the almost empty room.

A total of three mice were said to have been seen inside the building on Saturday.

Whilst it is not confirmed whether the animal is in fact a mouse or instead a rat, viewers who commented on the video have also confirmed sightings, with one writing that they saw a rodent in the building over three months ago.


I think i found 3 in total so far, currently too terrified to get up from my seat #mmu #library #mouse #mice

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Posting the footage on TikTok on Saturday, @ghazaleh explained that she was “too terrified to get up from her seat” to leave the room after spotting the rodent. 

One viewer, Lucy, added that she had also spotted mice in the building and wrote “it’s been there since Christmas,  we told security and they didn’t really do much”.

Georgia wrote how she previously “saw it dart across the study section on first floor and screamed”.

One student, Amir, even said he had reconsidered his move to study at MMU after seeing the mouse. He commented: “I was gonna change from UCLAN to MMU, good idea?”.

But luckily, many people in the comments found the funny side of the ordeal. Joking that the mouse had as much of a right to be there as any student, one commented: “He’s just trynna finish his coursework :/”.

This comes after footage of a mouse spotted in the University of Manchester Alan Gilbert Building was shared online just under two weeks ago.

A Manchester Met spokesperson said: “We are a city centre campus and also have a number of ongoing construction and renovation projects as we develop our world-class facilities, therefore there is a constant vigilance around the risk posed by rodents and other pests to our buildings.

“As well as routinely checking and cleaning all buildings across our campus, we have plans in place to immediately increase these routines should a specific problem be identified. An external pest controller will also undertake an enhanced inspection and we will be reinforcing our guidance to staff and students about the importance of everyone playing their part in building hygiene and cleanliness.”

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Featured image via TikTok @ghazxleh