Forget Tinder, this note of a guy trying to pull on a Sheffield bench has everyone weeping

New pulling technique? Sorted

Get ready to be absolutely weak at the knees and believe in love again because there’s this note left on a bench in Sheffield going viral of a man trying to pull and it’s genuinely the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Someone posted a picture of the note on their Instagram saying that their sister found it on a bench whilst she was on her “lovely country walk” in Sheffield and it’s just pure golden.

The note says: “FEMALE ONLY” in very large capital letters on another piece of paper, just making that very clear. Then it reads: “If you’re female and up for some fun (no strings), sit on the bench next Saturday at 8:20 am. I’ll walk past and say morning. If you like what you see ask if I have the time. If I like what I see I will say it’s time to finger you.”

I WILL SAY IT’S TIME TO FINGER YOU??? Swooning so hard right now.

The whole thing is chaos but honestly one of the worst things about it is asking someone to be up and raring to go at 20 PAST EIGHT on a Saturday morning?? Insanity.

People have been absolutely creasing at the whole saga with one person saying: “The finger comment is one thing, but they lost me at 8.20am” and another person adding: “And they say romance is dead”.

Desperately gonna need someone to go back to that bench and role play this whole thing GCSE drama style. I fear I will simply never recover from “If I like what I see I will say it’s time to finger you.”

But also, can you imagine if someone is completely unaware of the whole thing and is just innocently sat on the bench and asks him for the time and getting THAT in response? Mortified.

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