Applications for The Sheffield Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN!

We’re recruiting an Editor in Chief, News Editor, Features Editor, and Social Media Editor

The Sheffield Tab is now recruiting for our editorial team! Applications are open for a position in the academic year 2024/25.

The positions available are Editor in Chief, News Editor, Features Editor and Social Media Editor. We welcome applications from all students, the only requirement is that you are a student at either Sheffield Hallam University or University of Sheffield.

We’re particularly encouraging students from minority backgrounds to apply. If you feel like journalism isn’t typically accessible for people from your background, please do apply. You’ll have training from experienced editors to get you up and running.

The deadline for applications is 23:59, Wednesday 15th May.

Experience with journalism may help your application, but even if you’ve never written for The Tab, now is a great time to get involved and take on something new. A passion and enthusiasm for writing and journalism, breaking crucial news stories and writing fun features is important for the role but being able to work in a team is even more vital.

If you have any questions about any of our roles, please get in touch on Instagram or Facebook.

Editor in Chief

As Editor in Chief, you will oversee the entire team of writers and all of the articles The Sheffield Tab publishes. In this role, you’ll work with your team to lead the direction of our coverage. You will also be the main link to The Tab HQ team and will be supported by the team at HQ running The Sheffield Tab’s team.

You will be responsible for organising your team of editors and writers, hosting regular meetings and motivating and supporting writers to maintain a regular schedule of articles being published.

You’ll be writing your own news and features pieces throughout the year, whilst also working with the section editors to come up with weekly pitch ideas to send out to your writer’s team to claim and help the team break the biggest stories on campus. You will then be editing and publishing articles that your team of writers have submitted to you. You will also be in charge of making sure all content is consistent with The Sheffield Tab’s standard of quality and tone of voice.

The job of Editor in Chief is incredibly rewarding and a great opportunity to lead a talented team; a great experience to have no matter what career you end up in, but being a publication with thousands of reads per article, it directly connects you to the industry of writing and journalism. The right person for the role should be friendly, approachable, supportive and possess good leadership skills as you’ll be spending a lot of time communicating and motivating your editorial team, alongside your team of writers.

News Editor

The Sheffield Tab is always looking out for the next big story. As News Editor, your biggest responsibility is reporting on the latest scoops from Sheffield. You’ll need to have an eye for a good story, always have an ear out for the latest news, controversies and events, and have a passion to report on scoops before anyone else. It’s key to keep up-to-date on Sheffield news, from protests on campus to major announcements from the university.

You will also support the Editor in Chief in editing articles and writing every week, coming up with pitches and article commissions and supporting writers. The roles of section editors are not black and white and you may also be expected to regularly write and edit features articles, not just news.

You’ll be working on stories like these:

• University of Sheffield paid private investigators £40,000 to look into student occupations

Sheffield Hallam offers academic staff voluntary severance scheme amid financial struggles

Sheffield University is giving £500 to students who are graduating without all their marks

Features Editor

This role is for anyone who wants to take charge on The Sheffield Tab’s great feature pieces. You’ll be responsible for writing and editing the iconic feature pieces for the team that make The Sheffield Tab as great as it is.

You will be working on pieces that cover current opinions, fun guides and witty commentary on campus life, you will also oversee the quizzes, opinion pieces, guides and other fun stories that we write. Rating outfits on campus, or arguing which city centre club is better – as Features Editor you’ll have a keen interest in everything relevant and relatable to Sheffield students.

You will also support the Editor in Chief in editing articles and writing every week, coming up with pitches and article commissions and supporting writers. The roles of section editors are not black and white and you may also be expected to regularly write and edit news articles, not just features.

You’ll be working on stories like these:

• This is every type of boy you’ll find on Hinge in Sheffield

10 things incoming freshers need to know about Sheffield

• Attention lads: Here are Sheffield girls’ biggest icks

Social Media Editor

Your job will be to manage The Sheffield Tab’s ever-growing social media channels across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

If you’ve got a great talent for creating your own memes that are relevant to Sheffield and student lifestyle, want to promote a brand image or just love scrolling all day, this one’s for you. Your responsibilities will include advertising our articles, posting regular daily content on our stories, sharing memes, growing our audience and keeping our followers engaged.

You will create content following and engaging with current trends and memes. You must be comfortable showing your face in video content as you will be expected to regularly create vox pops interviewing students on campus or nights out.

You’ll also support the editorial team in keeping an eye out for Sheffield-related content and watching for the latest news and campus gossip. This role does not include editing articles.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

If you’re interested in any of our roles and would like to apply, fill out your application here or on the Google form below. The application deadline is 23:59 on Wednesday 15th May.