Saltburn star Barry Keoghan spotted filming advert on street in Manchester

I’m disappointed he didn’t stop off for a pint at Squirrel’s

Saltburn star and heartthrob, Barry Keoghan, was spotted out in Manchester on Monday evening.

Dressed head to toe in Adidas, the actor appeared to be modelling for an advert and was snapped standing on a residential street at 5.20pm.

Recognised by a local resident on Mildred Street, Salford, Barry only posed on the road for around 1o minutes before leaving with camera crew.

via SWNS

He modelled for a series of photos, including shots where he leaned against the windows of a house. He also changed into another tracksuit, whilst people gathered around him. A matching Adidas flag was also hung from a window of the property.

A director was also seen speaking to Barry, explaining to him where the cameras would be shooting from.

via SWNS

Barry attended the incredibly popular Californian festival, Coachella, last month, where he was seen watching Sabrina Carpenter perform, who he is reportedly dating.

One resident was surprised to see the northern star on their road, especially after he was in the U.S. alongside many major celebrities only a few weeks ago. They said: “I thought it was really random. I saw him in Coachella last week and now he is in a shoddy street in Salford.”

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