Red paint splattered over Cambridge Labour HQ in pro-Palestine protest

Spray painted nearby were the words ‘Is this really the lesser of two evils?’

The Cambridge Labour Party offices have had red paint thrown over them and the words “is this really the lesser of two evils?” sprayed on the floor.

In the evening of Monday 29th April, the front doors to the offices of the Cambridge Labour Party were splattered with red paint.

Alex Wood Hall, located on Norfolk Street (near Mill Road Cemetery), has been subject to protest action with the paint being accompanied by the quote below spray painted in bulk capitals on the floor next to the slashings of paint.

Credit: This is Not a Drill

This is a particularly critical period in the run up to local elections on Thursday 2nd May.

Anonymous climate action group This is Not a Drill took responsibility for the paint and message, saying “the action was taken to highlight the Labour Party’s regressive stance on several key issues, including its complicity in Israel’s genocide in Palestine”.

The protest also highlights Labour’s dropped green investment pledge, support of “draconian new police powers”, lack of solutions to the cost of living crisis and suppression of pro-union voices.

Cambridge Labour told The Tab Cambridge that it called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on Thursday 2nd November, and that locally they have “focussed on tackling the crippling effect of the cost of living crisis”, investing £54million in community facilities.

It also told The Tab Cambridge that it has “declared a climate and biodiversity emergency”.

Cambridge Labour is “thoroughly disappointed in this act of criminal damage. Alex Wood Hall is shared between our volunteers and a local charity which supports vulnerable people” adding that “our first priority has been to ensure the building is safe for them”.

Credit: This is Not a Drill

This is Not a Drill share that its actions echoes both local and national protests against Labour policy. There have been ceasefire marches in Cambridge, such as smaller ones within the university and ones organised by groups such as Cambridge Stop the War and the local Palestine Solidarity group.

This is Not a Drill also emphasises Daniel Zeichner (local Labour MP) not acknowledging the protests. They also highlight that “Zeichner also has a long history of ignoring local environmental groups such as Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion and ORCA”. The Tab Cambridge contacted Daniel Zeichner for comment however he did not respond to these claims.

The group called the Labour Party’s stances “regressive” and argued “Labour must rethink its participation in the race to the bottom” that they are engaged in with the Conservatives.

Daniel Zeichner has been contacted for comment.

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