Liverpool students launch encampment on Abercromby Square in solidarity with Palestine

Students intend to occupy campus until the University of Liverpool meets their demands

Students at the University of Liverpool erected an encampment on campus yesterday in support of Palestine.

Tents and flags were put up on Abercromby Square, with students protesting against the University of Liverpool’s stance amid the situation in Gaza.

This comes after encampments began at numerous universities across the country, including Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, UCL and Bristol.

Arriving at University Square yesterday afternoon, students associated with the University of Liverpool Palestine society declared the space as a Liberated Zone and instead renamed it as Alareer Square.

Protestors joined students across the country as they unpacked their belongings and requested donations from the public. A Students of Alareer Square Instagram account has since been created where protestors have shared updates from the encampment.

They intend to remain on the square until the University of Liverpool meet their demands, which include the university calls for an immediate ceasefire and offers Palestinian scholarships and assistance in rebuilding infrastructure.

They also expect the university to disclose its investments and confirm that no participants in the encampment suffer detriment to their employment or education.

Calling out on its Instagram page, the University of Liverpool Palestine society requested donations of lights, tents, generators and non-perishable foods to aid students throughout the protest.

Banners making materials including bed sheets, paints and brushes were also requested for students to create props whilst occupying the space.

Speeches have been given to students camping on the square and an emergency protest for Rafah was announced for later today followed by a Q and A with encamped students.

The University of Liverpool has been approached for comment. 

Featured image via Instagram @lvrpool_enc