The ‘select few’ MAFS Australia 2024 cast invited to Fashion Week and who is blacklisted

Some have been deemed ‘too fame hungry’ to attend the event

It’s been reported that only a “select group” of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast members have been invited to Australia Fashion Week, and others have been blacklisted in order to protect the event’s reputation. Ouch.

Apparently some of the MAFS Australia 2024 participants have been simply deemed “too fame hungry”, and after many people in the past have wanted to be there just for their personal image, this year organisers have clamped down. In previous years it’s been reported MAFS stars have begged designers for invites and even stolen front row seats, so it’s no surprise action has been taken now.

Eden Harper, Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa are among those invited, and Jade Pywell, Madeleine Maxwell and Tristan Black have reportedly confirmed they will be attending.

MAFS Australia 2024 cast invited to Fashion Week and who is blacklisted

However it’s bad news for some of the others, as a source close to the event told Daily Mail they want nothing to do with “fame hungry MAFS stars desperate to be seen at Fashion Week.” A source added: “You won’t see the likes of Tori and Jack front row at any of our shows.” Yikes.

They also have a big no in place for centre of the cheating scandal Jono and Ellie, and Ben and Collins have apparently also been blacklisted. The source added: “This year’s cast have really struggled to gain any traction and it’s such a massive gamble to bank on any of them to be honest.”


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