Fallout series two canon

The setup for Fallout series two gives the TV show a huge game canon issue to tackle

This might be a problem they never had in the first series

Fallout on Amazon is a perfect TV adaptation – and I say this as a huge fan of the games. By making the events of the show canon, the show perfectly slotted into the lore of the games and despite one major Shady Sands issue the lore all sings in harmony and by creating original characters it meant that the show existed in its own story so that newcomers weren’t lost or confused. However, (spoilers) the ending of Fallout series one teased that the show is entering New Vegas, directly entering game territory and throwing the show up in the air a bit – albeit in an exciting way. But here’s one canon issue with Fallout series two that provides a challenge for the show to overcome that it never really had to in series one.

At the end of Fallout series one, Kyle MacLachlan’s character Hank MacLean is seen heading towards one major game location: New Vegas. This changes everything, because it’s a location and game extremely familiar to fans. But what makes this a big canon issue for Fallout series two to tackle is the fact that in the New Vegas game the player character was known as the Courier. When playing the game, decisions you made as the Courier had huge impact on the environment and the world you were in. Because the game was an RPG with multiple endings, all were classed as canon – but with the TV show now heading there it is basically going to have to choose a few options to go with. If the TV show stays canon, that means that whatever the show goes with will be the ‘true’ ending of the game, rather than the multiple options that exist currently. Surely this will piss off some fans in the process?

Fallout had a cameo in the finale of series one showing Mr House from New Vegas in the board meeting, which feels like a big setup that he will be a villain in series two. But with multiple endings for that character in the game, it just provides a mystery on where the show is going to go with it. Either way, I can’t wait.

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