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All the big names Tomb Raider fans want as Lara Croft in the upcoming Amazon series

Just cast Ella Purnell as the lead in all video game adaptations

The news hit yesterday that Amazon has greenlit the latest evolution in live action Tomb Raider adaptation – a brand new series written and executively produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. There’s so much to be excited about with this. Firstly, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the first writer with her mits on the source material who has proven herself to be an acclaimed and accomplished writer with her work on Fleabag and Killing Eve, as well as someone who proudly says she’s had a lifelong love affair with the franchise. Secondly, because Amazon just helmed the TV series adaptation of Fallout and it was, quite frankly, fucking excellent. For once, it feels like Tomb Raider is in capable and safe hands. When commenting on the news of Tomb Raider going ahead, Phoebe Waller-Bridge spoke about how they now have to find who will play Lara Croft in the TV series. And fans have a fair few ideas.

With Angelina Jolie famously playing Lara Croft first, and Alicia Vikander taking the helm in 2018 and saying she’d love to play her again – the pressure is on for who might take the huge role in the Amazon TV series. Could it be any of these gals? Fans seem to hope so.

Ella Purnell

Tomb Raider TV Lara Croft

The name I’m seeing thrown around all over social media is British actress Ella Purnell, who has just shot to major fame and international acclaim after wowing us all as Lucy in the Amazon Fallout adaptation. Honestly, she’d be perfect – and clearly Amazon already loves her.

Melissa Barrera

Everyone loves Melissa Barrera, and after she was unfairly sacked from Scream for sharing pro-Palestine sentiment everyone has rallied around her even harder. She’s no stranger to action and horror – two things that go hand in hand with Tomb Raider – and just this year had a final girl moment again with Abigail. I’d like my Lara to be British, I fear – but I can see why Tomb Raider fans would be keen for her.

Daisy Edgar-Jones

I’m staring at the plait, and I see the vision. I love Daisy Edgar-Jones, loved her in Normal People and cherished her in Fresh. Didn’t care at all for Where The Crawdads Sing but if you can’t see a shimmer of Lara Croft in that picture above then give your head a wobble.

Jenna Ortega

Okay, I really don’t see this one. Love Jenna Ortega but she’s not my Lara. Fans are disagreeing though, her name’s being shouted out all over Twitter!

Eiza Gonzalez

The Three Body Problem star would actually be a great fit to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider TV series. She’s got that classic Lara bone structure.

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