Cambridge University students expand pro-Palestine encampment to lawn outside Senate House

Graduations are scheduled to be held at Senate House this Friday

Cambridge University students currently protesting the conflict in Gaza have expanded their pro-Palestine encampment today, 15th May 2024, to the lawn outside Senate House.

The Palestinian solidarity encampment which has been in place on King’s Parade since 6th May was expanded this morning, with numerous tents being erected from 7am. The tents are located on the lawn outside Senate House, the central management building where Cambridge University graduations are due to be held this Friday 17th May.

This expansion comes on the same day as an encampment solidarity march around the city centre organised to coincide with the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, which saw student protestors urging university to “come and negotiate” if they wished for graduations to go ahead as planned. A vigil is also planned for 9pm this evening.

Protestors today laid out sheets with the names of Palestinians killed during the ongoing conflict

Amongst other student protestors, today’s march saw Harvey Brown, former Cambridge Student Union Welfare and Community Officer, give a speech on the conflict in Gaza. Brown was a sabbatical officer who who resigned on 14th May after criticising the SU’s stance on the conflict in Gaza in an Instagram post which has since been deleted but was reposted by @cambridgeforpalestine.

Today’s protest action follows an emergency rally held on King’s Parade yesterday evening after the university failed to meet the encampment’s demands to attend negotiations by 5pm on 14th May.

Despite reports by Middle East Eye that Trinity College has voted to divest from arms companies, including those producing arms used by Israel, students remain steadfast in their protest action, stating that the encampment will only be disbanded when Cambridge University and its colleges disclose, divest and reinvest all financial support for Israel and protect at-risk Palestinian students.

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