Four Seasons Orlando Baby

Ok so, who is the Four Seasons Orlando baby everyone is going crazy over right now?

That baby’s frontal lobe is more developed than mine

It might have been gorg weather this weekend but if you’ve spent even two minutes on Twitter you will have 100 per cent seen people talking about the Four Seasons Orlando Baby and freaking out because, well, that baby is conscious and has the mind of a whole middle-aged person.

If you haven’t seen it though, the video is of an auntie asking two kids whether they want to go to the Four Seasons Orlando Hotel. The toddler gets really excited and shouts “Me me me” but the baby, who can’t be older than one or two puts their finger up and says “Me!” in the most sophisticated way and people have gone MAD memeing it on Twitter and TikTok.


If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂

♬ original sound – Stefanie O’Brien

So what do we know about the baby who was *SO* excited to go to the Four Seasons Orlando:

The original video was posted by Stefanie O’Brien on TikTok with the caption: If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂.” So the baby in the video is the niece of the poster.

Although we don’t know her name, she is reported to be between one and two years old. Her aunt Stefanie also lives in New York, so the baby could also be from there and on holiday in Orlando.

The original video already has over 22.8 million views and 3.2 million likes and millions of memes about this very distinguished lady. One person commented: “Verily, cherished mother, within the depths of my soul, resides an insatiable yearning to partake in the illustrious sojourn to the esteemed sanctuary of Four Seasons Orlando.” Someone else added: “He had to shake his arm at the end to reinforce the illusion that he’s just an unaware baby”.

What is the Four Seasons Orlando?

The Four Seasons Orlando (Via YouTube)

Since the baby was so damn excited, I need to know more about the Four Seasons Orlando. And well, the Four Seasons Orlando is a FANCY fancy hotel. It’s inside the Florida Disney World and is the most expensive Disney hotel you can stay in.

There are over 443 rooms over 16 floors and staying there averages $1,350 (£1,062.80) a night so honestly baby I would be excited to go too. There’s a five-acre waterpark, adult-only pool, spa, and Goofy even comes to visit at breakfast.

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