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Whilst you’re sat mindlessly scrolling through Indeed or LinkedIn practically begging someone to give you a grad job, have you ever wondered how many other final years are doing the exact same thing? And applying for the exact same jobs as you? And does it make you feel like you don’t really stand a chance when the market is as insanely competitive as it is?

Well, some grad jobs are way more sought after than others and London Office Space has worked out the grad jobs that everyone really wants right now. Experts looked at the monthly Google searches made for grad roles across different sectors and how many entry level roles are open for them all on Glassdoor right now.

So, these are the grad jobs that all final years are desperate for right now:

10. Copywriter

The 10th most popular grad job everyone wants is in copywriting. Entry-level roles in copywriting get around 1,495.83 Google searches every single month. There are also currently 28 grad copywriter jobs available on Glassdoor right now.

Graphic Designer

One of the only creative jobs to make the list, graphic design grad jobs are ninth. It attracts 1,505 monthly Googles and there are currently 33 jobs open for applications.

8. Chef

Didn’t know you could even do grad schemes as a chef but here we are. With an average monthly search of 1,725.83 and the highest number of jobs open at 708, the culinary industry is apparently a very popular grad route.

7. Web Developer

One for the computer science students, grad jobs in web development have the seventh-highest Google searches per month at 2,106.67. There are however currently only nine entry-level jobs listed on Glassdoor right now.

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