These students celebrated end of uni by dressing up as their lecturer and it’s so adorable

They attended their last lecture wearing beanies, glasses and even drew on fake stubble

A group of students surprised their lecturer by dressing up as him to attend his very last lecture of the year.

Dressing up in beanies, glasses and using make up as imitation stubble, the students celebrated the end of uni by pulling the prank on their lecturer, Matthew, as he came into the lecture theatre.

Filming Matthew’s reaction, Mills shared the video online where it now has over 1.8 million views and has even reached postgraduate students who recognised the costumes to be their iconic ex-lecturer.


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Whilst some students like to gift their lecturers with flowers or a mug, these Falmouth University students undoubtedly went one step further.

Filming herself in costume as she drove to campus with four course mates who were also in on the joke, Mills said: “It’s our last lecture today and we’re all dressing up as our lecturer, Matthew. I’m Matthew”.

Each carrying Matthew’s signature mug to really sell the part, Mills and her friends met up with the rest of their course mates who of course, were all dressed identically in beanies and glasses.

Greetings of “Good morning Matthew” were exchanged between the group of Matthew impersonators, who even attempted to put on their lecturers voice.

The Matthews then made their way through campus before entering the lecture hall, where they posed for a group Matthew photo before the guest of honour arrived.

Setting up a camera to catch the real Matthew’s reaction, Mills filmed her lecturer as he entered the theatre, signature mug in hand, as the students collectively said: “Good morning Matthew!”

Touched by their extensive efforts to pull off a wholesome joke, Matthew chatted with Mills and her course mates but couldn’t hide his surprise at their prank.

Luckily, he saw the funny side and even laughed as he pulled out his phone to snap a photo of his students, saying : “You bunch of hilarious weirdos. Oh my god”

The BA acting course leader then then went on to explain how seeing his students dressed just like him was “like looking in a -” to which a student replied “mirror”.

Now with over 335,000 likes, commenters on the video who are ex-students of Matthew Morgan Stevens have praised Mills and her course mates’ efforts to surprise him. One viewer, Sophia, wrote: “As an ex-student of Matthew Morgan Stevens, this is EXCEPTIONAL work”.

Another ex-student, Ella, explained that she recognised who the students were dressing up as before the university was even mentioned. She added: “Omg I knew you were dressed as Matt before I even saw that it was Falmouth Uni! Iconic.”

Cailin, a student who attended the lecture, even wrote how it was the “best lecture of her life”.

It seems not only that Matthew is recognised far and wide, but that he’s a bit of an icon all over the country, with Max writing that he was taught by him when he studied in Essex and that he was just as cool there too: “Matt used to be my tutor in Essex! What a guy! So glad he’s still so loved”

I’m sure it was a lecture Matthew will find hard to forget, maybe even in his nightmares.

Featured image via TikTok @rigatonihoe

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