Four Seasons baby

Guys, the Four Seasons Orlando baby has done an interview and we finally know her story

Is she actually fully conscious???

Guys, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, the Four Seasons fully conscious baby has spoken out about her newfound fame. Yep, I said her – the baby was assumed to be a boy but she’s actually one-year-old Kate Wise from Tampa and she’s kind of a queen.

The baby’s parents, Bailey and Williama and her aunt Stefanie who posted the video, have spoken to ABC News and PEOPLE alongside their now-famous daughter about the whole saga and I’m obsessed.

It might have nearly 50 million views on TikTok, but it turns out the whole thing was accidental. “My husband’s shirt is unbuttoned, Kate was in her diaper. This was before bath time. There was really no recording this multiple times.” They found out the whole thing was going viral when a work colleague sent them the video.

Four Seasons baby

So Kate is 13 months old and what we’re all dying to know is is she actually conscious? Because I’ve been freaking out. “It’s kind of the middle,” Kate’s dad explains. “She won’t say ‘me!’ to everything . . . It legitimately has to be something she recognises and wants to do. She’s been to the Four Seasons before. She does recognize certain things and she does [say] ‘me!'”

He jokes that her hand gesture in the video was also an attempt to “steal some attention from her sister, so she will say ‘me!’ and get her hand up there. That is a common occurrence around the house.”

While her dad jokes, she may not be “giving a dissertation on the finer points of art history” yet, her mum adds, “She certainly is smart.”

“I don’t think we realised maybe the degree of it and obviously the magnitude that the internet is taking with it. But she is vocal,” says Bailey.


If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you 😂🤣😂🤣😂

♬ original sound – Stefanie O’Brien

In fact, “pointing her finger was how she first started communicating,” Bailey says. Along with “mama” and “dada,” she can say a handful of harder words like her favourite foods: blueberries, bananas and olives, to name a few. “There’s certainly things that are appropriate for her age. And then other ones that are I guess more advanced for the age that she’s at,”

But despite this, “Kate has no idea that the whole world knows who she is,” but not just knows who she is the whole world is really OBSESSED with her.

But my favourite part of the WHOLE interview is Kate being asked again whether she wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando and her saying “me!” and recreating the whole thing. Queen!

Four Seasons baby

And is she actually a big fan of the Four Seasons Orlando? Well, Kate’s mum has given us all the answers: “So she has been once, she has had that privilege. She was little at that point in time. But honestly, when we’re trying to plan a vacation or just do something on a whim we engage our kids, we show them pictures we try and gauge their reaction to see what they wanna do, if they’re interested or not and that’s what we did on this instance. We couldn’t have predicted her exact reaction but certainly, it seems to have really captured the world.”

“We absolutely will, we’re really excited, it’s such a wonderful resort”

Her Aunt Stefanie added that the Four Seasons has actually been in touch with them:  “We’ve been in communication with the Four Seasons and they’ve been so wonderful to talk to and work with and they too are just so blown away by all of this. They were really excited when they saw the video. I think they were kinda speechless.”

Kate’s parents say they aren’t sure how they’ll break the news of her early viral fame to Kate when she’s older, but Bailey is staying on top of creating a scrapbook to commemorate the whole thing.

“We’ve certainly been trying to keep up with saving things, saving some of the articles, some of the funny memes or tweets or any of the stuff we can so she can understand that this is not something that just went viral, but it seems like it’s a globally known meme,” she says.

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