fully conscious Four Seasons Orlando

She finally got her dream! Inside the fully conscious baby’s trip to the Four Seasons Orlando

Not her eating truffle pasta and getting spa treatments

Guys! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the fully conscious baby has finally gone to the Four Seasons Orlando and all of our dreams have come true.

So last week we finally heard from the queen herself and found out that she is 13-month-old Kate from Tampa and she even recreated the whole “Me!” thing in an interview with ABC News.

But now the fully conscious baby has finally got her dream come true moment and has visited the Four Seasons Orlando and got LUXURY treatment.

Kate’s aunt revealed a few days ago that they were in talks with the hotel so she could visit but now she’s been and the whole thing is better than we could ever have imagined.


Fully conscious and utterly fabulous at Four Seasons Orlando. 👑 #LoveFourSeasons #LuxuryTravel #FamilyTravel #FourSeasonsOrlando #FullyConsciousBaby


Videos show her eating some fancy gold truffle pasta in a tuxedo, loving her life and getting a photoshoot in a hotel robe and eating a luxury hotel breakfast whilst looking like she’s READING the hotel menu. “She likes it here”, the video was captioned. The way I’m so happy for this baby right now.

The Four Seasons Hotel itself also posted a montage video of her and shows her in a tiara being welcomed by loads of hotel staff,  getting spa treatment and being fanned with leaves, as well as being given huge balloons that spell out “Meee”. 10/10 marketing right here. The hotel’s video now has over 6.9 million views.


This will do. ☝️ #FourSeasonsBaby #FourSeasonsOrlando

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People were going wild in the comments that she finally got to go, with one person saying: “queen has arrived at her natural habitat!!!!” and another adding that the baby is going to be the “future CEO of the Four Seasons Orlando” and I can honestly see it happening.

Another person said: “WE REALLY TURNED THE FULLY CONSCIOUS BABY INTO AN INFLUENCER LMAO” and honestly I’m only jealous.

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