Sunak V Starmer TV moments

A rundown of the absolute worst moments from the abysmal Sunak V Starmer TV debate

Rishi brought up national service and the whole audience laughed at him

You’d be hard pressed to find a more miserable way to spend an hour than listening to Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer debate on live TV, but that’s the burden we must endure as the race to the first general election in five years etches closer. TV debates are always dismal, but last night’s ITV Sunak V Starmer was bleak beyond belief – perhaps because this time I feel politically homeless and would rather anyone but Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer to be running the country. Labour and the Tories both feel dismal, and last night’s shouting match as poor Julie Etchingham tried her best to clutch to some sort of organisation as the slanging match went off the rails. Here’s a quick rundown of the worst moments from the Sunak V Starmer TV debate, in case you missed it or just put the TV on mute.

Nobody would blame you if you did, trust me.

Starmer looked at the wrong camera in his opening statement

We’re over here, pal.

Billionaire Rishi Sunak saying he understands how hard it is for people in the cozzy livs

The long suffering Paula from Huddersfield in the debate audience put her question across to the two leaders, asking them why she is now for the first time struggling to make ends meet even though she never previously struggled and her kids have left home. Sunak said he understood how hard things are right now, which rang false considering he is quite literally a billionaire. Starmer used this against him, saying his personal wealth puts Sunak out of touch with ordinary people and what we’re facing right now.

Sunak was groaned and laughed at twice

Firstly when he said NHS waiting lists were going down, secondly when he was asked by a younger audience member when he would put his generation first and Sunak said the thing he was going to do for young people was national service. Womp womp.