Two months on, everything Jack and Tori have been up to since MAFS Australia 2024

I really didn’t think they’d still be together, but what do I know?

Since MAFS Australia 2024 came to an end, Jack and Tori have stayed together. If you’d asked me at the start of the show who would have gone the distance, they probably would have been bottom of my list. But here we are – good for them I guess!

The couple have moved in together, made grand gestures about their future and are now making career moves, too. So, two months after they were last on our TV screens, it’s probably a good time to check in on everything they’re up to.

Here’s a complete rundown of what Jack and Tori have been up to since MAFS Australia 2024 ended.

Straight after MAFS Australia 2024, Jack and Tori moved in together and are now talking about a family!

Jack and Tori were one of the first couples from MAFS Australia 2024 to move in together – with Tori saying that around two weeks after the show wrapped on TV they were living on the Gold Coast together.

Jack said in an interview with Channel Nine: “Tori is on my lease, she’s officially a resident here with me on the Gold Coast in this beautiful apartment by the water. We’re just buying bits of furniture here and there and making it our home.”

Despite all their lovey-dovey updates, Jack and Tori sat down for an interview with Ella Ding and Dominica and said since MAFS Australia 2024, they are yet to say “I love you.” Despite not yet being in love, Jack has said he plans to propose to Tori once they’ve been dating for around one year, and said they will start trying to have kids the year after.

Jack is using his MAFS Australia 2024 fame as an influencer, promoting… sex toys

In his latest business venture since MAFS Australia 2024 ended, Jack is being paid to promote sex toys. He’s now an ambassador for Lovehoney, one of the biggest sex toy brands in the world, and has been doing a number of collaborations with the company.

He’s doing it under a different name, as the page on the brand’s website is listed as “Jacob Exclusive Giveaway”. It says: “Spreading love to your inbox all month long! Jack_dunkley and Lovehoney are giving away thousands of free toys, discounts, gift vouchers and more surprises!”

Tori has signed up to a management

Tori is also making big moves after the show, and has signed to a management. It says in her Instagram bio that one of the brands she is now working with is FashionNova, as an ambassador. Influencer life, here we come!

It’s doesn’t seem as though Jack and Tori are still friends with anyone from MAFS Australia 2024

Are we shocked that it doesn’t seem Jack and Tori are friends with anyone else from the experiment now? Instead, they’ve kept the beef with their fellow cast members going.  Jack and Timothy are still feuding with one another, and speaking on a podcast, Timothy called Jack a “f*cker” and said he and Tori are “built for each other”.

Jack wants to go on more reality TV

Jack’s not slowing down, as he’s already said which reality TV shows he’s eyeing up next. Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the personal trainer said he hoped MAFS Australia wouldn’t be the end of his reality career, and spilled all on wanting to go on another show that would help his “personal growth”.

“I’d love to go on Survivor or maybe SAS or Hunted,” he said. “Anything that really challenges you physically and mentally where you’ve gotta question who you are and really dig deep and have that personal growth I think would be something amazing to do.”

Jack is back to his job as a personal trainer

As well as new business ventures since MAFS Australia, Jack is back to his day job as a personal trainer. He offers different priced plans starting from $36 per week, all the way up to $96.

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