MAFS exes Sara and Tim are still fighting and now Lauren’s got involved in the mess

It’s been months you guys

Despite it being literally months since the experiment, MAFS Australia 2024 exes Sara and Tim are still shading one another online, and now her bestie Lauren has piped up, too. The drama never ends!

Tim recently did a Q&A on his Instagram reflecting on his time on the show, his relationship and what lessons he learned, and most of his answers not-so subtly threw shade at his ex Sara and how bad their relationship was. He then made some digs at Lauren Dunn, and she posted a very indirect TikTok in return.

Firstly, someone straight up asked Tim if he regretted going on MAFS Australia. “Not as a whole. It was a pretty good experience. I had tonnes of regrets throughout the show, though haha,” he replied. He was also asked why he went on the show, and said: “Wanted to shake up my life, careful what you wish for.” Ouch!

Sara Tim and Lauren after MAFS Australia 2024

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When asked what his honest opinion of his time on the show was, he dropped major hints that his relationship with Sara was bad. He said he loved it and hated it, and learned a lot about himself along the way. Tim added: “Was pretty cool being a superstar for 15 minutes. Shame my relationship was what it was.”

He said his biggest lesson from the show was “don’t let anyone ever treat you less than. Walk away.”

Tim was later asked for help from someone about what to do in a “narcissistic relationship”, and Tim said: “Know that there are good, emotionally stable humans out there. I think the best/most confronting advice is to work on yourself because if you allow yourself to be in a toxic relationship, there’s internal work you need to do on yourself. You attract what you are.” Speaking from experience, are we?

He also decided to go at Lauren, Sara’s bestie from the show, when a fan asked him about the rumours Lauren had a boyfriend in Bali the entire time she was filming for the experiment. Someone asked him if Lauren had ever told him about her apparent boyfriend, and Tim said: “I asked in front of everyone, and she [Lauren] said: ‘I’m not denying it’.”


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Lauren clearly isn’t taking any of it, and posted a TikTok in return which said: “POV: Your bestie’s ex is STILL talking about you online”.


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