TikTok aura points

Okay, so what exactly are the aura points you keep seeing all over your TikTok?

Mine would be in the negatives

If your TikTok FYP is anything like mine at the moment you might be feeling like you’re being overrun by videos all about aura points, specifically about how many points people have gained or lost. Most of these seem to be made about breakups and have some classic sad music behind them, with one girl asking: “How many aura points did I lose when I wrote his personal statement for uni for him and then he broke up with me?” I’m speechless right now.

But let’s backtrack on this TikTok trend for a second, what on earth even are aura points and how do you manage to gain or lose them? Prepare to enter the world of astrology and let’s find out what on earth is going on together.


I was in fact wrong !

♬ original sound – kdedit

What are aura points?

Aura points are essentially used to work out how cool, or not, you are. Surprisingly the term first became popular through a 2020 New York Times article which discussed a Liverpool football player. One quote from the article described how one player made a lot of mistakes but because of his aura, none of them matter. This obviously led to a landslide of jokes and memes about the term aura which is where this all stemmed from.


I was 19 and a psycopath x

♬ WILDFLOWER – Billie Eilish

So when you do something that adds a positive effect to your aura like finally getting over your ex you gain points. On the flip side, a lot of the current videos on TikTok about the trend describe experiences which decreased their aura points, such as staying in an unhealthy relationship instead of leaving.


Ultimately they are not defined experiences that make you lose or gain points, and the amount of points can be completely made up. At the end of the day if you feel like you’ve done something that diminishes your self-worth then you’ve probably lost some aura points. Go get them back!

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