18-year-old left incoherent and unable to walk after being ‘spiked’ at Liverpool Eras Tour

Grace became confused and shaky after drinking from a cup she knocked over at Friday’s concert

An 18-year-old woman has claimed to have been spiked whilst at the Eras Tour in Liverpool on Friday evening.

Grace attended the Taylor Swift concert last week and was attended to by paramedics after falling ill.

In a video posted online, she explained how she knocked her drink over and had noticed a man “behaving very suspiciously” around her, before she lost her memory and became unable to walk. 

via TikTok @.graceviolet

Grace attended the concert with friends and explained how she dropped her drink whilst seated and spilt around half of it. She picked the cup back up and kept the remainder for the drink for later: “I had a drink and I spilt it, but when I picked it back up, I had about half left. So it wasn’t completely gone. I saved that for later in the concert, which I did drink shortly before all this happened.”

Soon after spilling her drink, around the time before Taylor sung her surprise songs, Grace began to feel ill and decided to leave her seat to get some air. Explaining that she was not dehydrated after drinking a substantial amount of non-alcoholic fluids before the show, Grace said: “I started to feel sick and dizzy at first.

“I sat down outside on the floor and I thought I would go back inside for the surprise songs, [but] did not start to feel better while I was outside. I expected maybe a bit of fresh air, less warmth and sitting down would help but I started to feel worse.”

Grace then recited feeling “absolutely smashed” soon after, explaining that when she looked in either direction, her “vision in [her] peripheral was slow.”

She began to shake uncontrollably, wasn’t able to understand what people were asking her and became worried after she was no longer able to walk normally: “When I tried to walk I was stumbling and couldn’t figure out I was going to the point where I couldn’t really walk anymore and I was falling, I was incoherent.”

After being taken to the medical tent, Grace was treated by paramedics, who initially thought she was under the influence of alcohol but checked her blood sugar after she explained that she had not been drinking. She said: “No one believed that I wasn’t drunk. Anyone I saw was just asking me how much alcohol it had.”

via TikTok @.graceviolet

Grace did not initially believe she had been spiked and struggled to work out why she suddenly had become so unwell: “I began to feel quite it felt like being tipsy. And then over the span of only about 15 minutes, it got a lot worse. I was texting for a while and then eventually I stopped really being able to text so I had a phone call with my boyfriend.”

After receiving medical attention during the show, Grace decided not to go to hospital as she felt too unwell to wait for tests. It was only when Grace spoke to her boyfriend and he arrived at the concert to help that spiking was suggested as a possible reason for her becoming incoherent, as paramedics couldn’t find anything wrong other than a raised temperature. 

Texts between Grace and her boyfriend during the incident

Grace’s sister was also required to fill out her medical forms after she was unable to do them herself. 

She said: “I was adamant that maybe my blood sugar was low. And that’s what was causing it because I didn’t I was adamant I hadn’t been spiked is ridiculous. Why would that be the case?

“I knew something was wrong with me very quickly. I had eaten plenty before I came I’d slept plenty I taken regular breaks. I’d had three drinks in the span of three hours. I was not dehydrated.”

Texts between Grace and her mum during the incident

Although Grace’s friends did not witness anyone attempting to spike her, they noted one man behaving “very suspiciously” after he approached them whilst she was on the floor to “ask [us] if we were leaving”.

Some viewers on the original video posted online were doubtful she had been slipped something, with many questioning why anyone would be spiked at a Taylor Swift concert. One wrote: “No one spiked you. You’re literally just trying to make men look bad. Who hurt you?”

Another viewer questioned how anyone could have snuck things into the stadium as their bags were checked on entry, but others claimed that their bags weren’t searched at all. One viewer wrote: “This genuinely does seem possible as at night three they only checked my merch bag. I said ‘I have my other bag’ and they said it was fine and just let me in, they weren’t checking bags my night at all.”

Another woman added: “We went N3 and the security guy ‘checked’ my bag by just looking in it. Didn’t check any pockets etc and they weren’t checking the merch bags. Who knows what people smuggled in.”

Other who saw Grace’s TikTok video claimed that she was not the only person claiming to have been spiked on Friday night. One viewer asked where she was sitting as her sister had also allegedly been spiked at Friday’s concert, whilst another wrote: “I overheard my workmates saying how their son also seemed to have been spiked, cos he was completely out of character and lost his memory (plus spelt his name wrong on medical forms)”.

Despite the incident, Grace made a good recovery and has spoken with others who attended the concert and who believe to have been spiked themselves.

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