Grace Jackson before Love Island 2024

We found old pictures of Love Island 2024 bombshell Grace and her transformation is wild

Find me who does her hair NOW

We found a whole bunch of pictures of Grace Jackson before her Love Island 2024 days, and she looks totally different. Grace is a textbook bombshell: Stunning and here to cause drama. It turns out she’s always been beautiful, but over the years her vibe has changed drastically.

Grace is 25 and from Manchester, and is the co-owner of a social media agency. She was on the rumoured cast list before the show started, with bosses eyeing her up because she’s done some influencing and modelling, and is followed by Molly-Mae.

She said she’s single because the lifestyle of modelling and influencing can put guys off. “I like to go out and go abroad a lot,” Grace said. “They can’t keep up with my lifestyle! It’s the life that I want, and it helps with my business. To sit in and be single, I can’t understand why I would do that in my peak and my mid-20s.”

Her model good looks go back years and years, she was clearly blessed in the looks department from birth. Sigh. But, old pictures show her embracing the same old trends the rest of us did.

She looks a lot less clean girl influencer aesthetic, and a lot more 00s girl high makeup glam in Instagram pictures before nights out. The photos date back to around 2016, when Grace would have been in her late teens. Her hair and makeup is completely different, and her lips appear much less full in some pictures.

Before the Love Island 2024 villa, Grace posted about getting her eyebrows laminated, her hair extensions redone, teeth whitened and getting regular facials. She loves the glam life!

When asked why Love Island and why now, Grace said: “In my day and age, you don’t meet people on face value, it’s all off Instagram, Twitter and dating apps. Everything’s online! I’m excited to get to know someone on face value, and be somewhere where you’re forced to have a conversation and be a bit more open. This is something that would push me out of my comfort zone, I don’t really date a lot. I get myself in situationships with people I know that I shouldn’t give my time to!”

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