Sara finally admits the shameful real reason she lied to Tim about meeting her ex on MAFS

‘I would call it an emotional cheat because I lied’

During MAFS Australia 2024, one of the most shocking storylines was exposed by Eden when she revealed that Sara had been meeting up with her ex boyfriend behind Tim’s back. This revelation shocked the whole cast and led to a huge fight and ongoing trust issues between the couple.

Sara was continuously asked by the experts why she lied to Tim about meeting up with her ex during the filming of MAFS, and she never gave a completely straight answer. At the time she promised nothing happened between the pair and she hadn’t even known he was also going to be at the event she was attending. In a new interview on the So Dramatic! podcast, Sara has finally admitted to the real reason why she lied to Tim about her secret MAFS meetup.

Via Channel 4

Sara revealed to host Megan Pustetto that she considered her ex as one of her friends, and didn’t think it was necessary for Tim to know. She admitted: “My ex and I have the same group of friends. I’d only been in Australia for eight months to a year when I met him and I didn’t have a lot of friends. I ended up becoming close with all of his friends, and when we broke up, I stayed close with them.”

She went on to reveal that she knew if she told him, her confession would become a key storyline which she didn’t want to happen. She confessed: “If the producers knew I was going out with my ex, they’d make it seem like something it wasn’t. On reality TV, we have to think about how things will look. So I thought about it that way. I was like: ‘If I tell Tim, it’s going to be a conversation he’s going to want to have on camera’. And I wanted to avoid this because it didn’t mean anything. It just meant my ex was in town and I was with his friends who are my friends as well.”

Via Channel 4

However, after everything that happened during filming, Sara admitted she wished she had told Tim about seeing her ex, but struggled at the time to let go. She explained: “I wish I’d said something at the start. I find value in the people I’ve spent a long time with. I find it hard to let go of people. Not in the way where I’m still in love with them. Just in a way that I spent so much time with them that I feel like they’re still a part of my life and should be.”

And despite still insisting nothing physical happened between herself and her ex, Sara conceded that she did emotionally cheat on Tim during the experiment. She admitted: “I would call it an emotional cheat because I lied. And that’s something I’m acknowledging. If you have to lie to the person you’re trying to build a relationship with, you’re not doing something right. I felt shitty about it. I [lied because] I didn’t want it to become a storyline, but it did.”