Emily Faye Miller and Cam Holmes since Too Hot To Handle

From career changes to a baby: Inside Emily and Cam’s amazing life since Too Hot To Handle

They are thriving!

It’s been nearly four years since Netflix favs Emily Miller and Cam Holmes met and fell in love on Too Hot To Handle. They’re one of the only couples who are still together from the show, proving that very occasionally, Lana’s retreat can work out.

After the show the couple gained millions of Instagram followers, catapulted into fame and new careers and solidified themselves as one of everyone’s fav reality TV couples. They’re still together now, thriving, and have just welcomed a baby together.

So, here’s everything our fav Netflix couple Emily and Cam have been up to since Too Hot To Handle.

Since Too Hot To Handle, Emily and Cam have broken up once

In 2022, two years after meeting on Too Hot To Handle, Emily and Cam were reported to have broken up. At the time, the pair never really addressed what had happened, and there were multiple reports saying Cam had cheated on Emily. They were said to have broken up after Emily found Cam “in bed with another woman” after she returned from a trip in Thailand. Neither Cam nor Emily addressed these reports, apart from Emily posting a TikTok which said she was “single AF”.

Then, the couple started posting together again, and released a YouTube video explaining what went down. “We are in such a good place now,” the couple said. Cam went on to say they “did have a break from each other for a while” because they “weren’t in a very good place.”

“Things did happen,” Cam said. “At the time we didn’t address it because it was really difficult to say the right thing. But also because our relationship is real – it’s not for PR – we didn’t want to address it.”

Emily added: “End of the day, we’re human. Things happen. People make mistakes. Yeah, we just kind of needed to figure things out on our own.”

They’re now back together, living together and have welcomed their first baby!

But, that was all just a blip because Em and Cam have since got back together and have said they’re happier than ever. They moved into their first home together, celebrated their three year anniversary in December 2023, then moved into another home and announced they were expecting their first child together.

Their baby was born in June 2024, two years after Emily suffered an ectopic pregnancy. They welcomed a little boy called Reggie Ruston Miller-Holmes.

Speaking to The Mirror, Cam said: “Me and Em have been through a lot as a couple, last year we lost our baby, that was a massive thing we went through together and we’ve just lost our dog, we go through these things together. We support each other and she’s honestly been amazing through this whole process of me making music. I said to her it’s going to be stressful. I have a tendency, I’m an anxious kid, and I do go up and down. So I said ‘we have to be in this together’ and she’s literally been my rock, she’s so supportive.”

After Too Hot To Handle, Emily had loads of new work opportunities

Emily has been keeping busy since the show, and has become a fully-fledged influencer. She’s had her own ranges with Simmi Shoes and Missy Empire and has worked with brands such as Amare Hotels, Boohoo, Lounge Underwear, PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly. She has recently become an ambassador for PrettyLittleThing and is currently raking in just under £4k per post on Instagram.

And Cam went into music!

As well as Emily, Cam did some branded work, including with BoohooMAN, Fashion Nova and Spotify. However, his biggest career move since Too Hot To Handle is becoming a musician and releasing music! He’s released two singles to date, the first being Roses – with over a million streams on Spotify.

Cam said in an interview he had been working on the single for a long time, and took a lot of help from friends in the industry. He also said he rejected a lot of influencer and brand deals in a change of his career, so he’d be taken more seriously as a musician.

Emily and Cam also have a podcast together, all about their life since Too Hot To Handle and becoming parents

As well as their huge careers serparatly since Too Hot To Handle, Emily and Cam have used their platforms together, launching a podcast. They are the hosts of Now We’re Talking Baby, which follows them on their journey from being a couple to a family of three.

They go on boujie holidays all the time

Of course, with any life as Instagram influencers and reality TV stars, Emily and Cam love a fancy holiday. Just recently they’ve checked into Dubai, LA, Paris and Ibiza.

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