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Almost one year later, here’s everything the chaotic cast of MAFS UK 2023 has been up to

May Georges never stop his squats

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost one year since the cast of MAFS UK 2023 appeared on our screens for the first time, but it’s true! They were certainly one of the most chaotic casts the show has seen yet, with fights, cheating and massive post-show feuds breaking out left right and centre.

But since their time on the show has come to an end, what have they all been up to since we last saw them? From winning awards and starring in new reality TV shows, to still being bitter about their breakup there’s a lot of variety. So let’s find out everything the chaotic cast of MAFS UK 2023 has been up to!


I honestly miss seeing Georges on MAFS UK every night and he was 100 per cent one of the most iconic cast members. Since leaving MAFS he and Peggy went through a pretty messy breakup, with lots of allegations being thrown on both sides.

Georges seems to be living his best single life though, and recently attended his cousin’s wedding in Santoni which looked absolutely gorgeous. He also revamped his business called GB Fitness & Health, which focuses on helping middle aged men and women achieve their fitness goals. And of course, Georges still regularly streams although the frequency of the baguette squats seems to have lessened since his MAFS days!



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Peggy also seems to be recovering well from the breakup, and I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen someone attend as many influencer events as she does – get that bag! Amidst all the glitz and glamour cast member Peggy was associated with during MAFS UK, she also helped out at a UK Pokemon event, who knew she was such a fan?



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Shona and Matt have been in a relationship since the second MAFS UK reunion, and whilst the two cast members were originally matched with other people they seem so happy together.

The two attended their friend’s wedding on the Greek island of Paros together and it looked like something out of a dream. Shona also attended a solo yoga retreat in Spain and recently spent months training for the London marathon which she absolutely smashed!



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Luke was booted off MAFS UK early after getting involved in a fight with fellow cast member Jordan and since then he’s actually gone back to his day job. He doesn’t seem to attend as many events as the other cast members do and keeps his social media fairly low-key. Having said that he did just return from a holiday to Majorca that looked stunning.



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Jay has had a busy year since appearing on MAFS UK, being awarded multiple awards and becoming an ambassador. She recently announced she had become an ambassador for Reach, which is the UK’s leading limb difference charity. Reach helped her parents when Jay was younger, so the position is even more special to her.

Jay also received an award at the Power of Women 2024 event for Disability Advocacy which is an absolutely amazing achievement. In an Instagram caption she revealed her actual birth name isn’t actually Jay at all, but Samantha, with Jay being her real name! Most importantly, Jay is still besties with Ella and the two hang out together all the time, and frequently post adorable pictures together.



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Surprisingly JJ got into a relationship with Katie Price soon after MAFS UK ended, and they seem to still be going strong. They’ve been on lots of fancy looking holidays and concerts together, and Katie’s been very vocal about wanting to have more kids with JJ. He’s also been continuing to his clothing business Fully Blessed.



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Ella’s been up to an absolute ton of exciting things since the show ended, including winning awards and starring on new shows. She won Highly Commended in the Media Moment of the Year category at the Bank of London Rainbow Honours Awards 2024.

She’s also set to appear on the newest season of Celebs Go Dating, and in the process has become BFF’s with co-star Stephen Webb from Gogglebox. Whilst she was known for her plum pout on MAFS UK, shes since had a lot fo work done to create a more natural look and has had most of her filler completely removed.



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Adrienne is living her best single life and has started organising very wholesome group hikes in Liverpool for people who want to make new friends. She recently celebrated her birthday, with her and Erica jetting off to the Caribbean for the occasion.



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Matt is also loving his new relationship with Shona, and frequently posts very cute pictures and captions about her on his Instagram. Aside form travelling with her he’s also about to launch his own website and app through which he’ll offer online fitness coaching.



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Erica has to be one of my favourites from the 2023 season, and since her breakup with Jordan, she’s absolutely thriving. She accompanied Adrienne on her birthday Caribbean trip and is still working in social media for local businesses around Edinburgh. She’s become besties with Meryl Williams from The Traitors and recently dyed her hair a stunning shade of red that looks stunning.



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Despite the fact he and Erica broke up in February, it seems Jordan still isn’t over talking about her on podcasts. Just this week he spoke about her making TikToks talking about exes, which he assumed was about him.

Erica wrote in the replies: “You are genuinely clutching at straws here. Did I not message you 3 weeks ago to clear up that my TikTok’s were NOT about you as I’d seen you on multiple podcasts trying to run with this false narrative, so why are you still going please stop flattering yourself. I’ve not spoke about you or the break up once online you’re the only one still yapping on. If I wanted to talk shit about you I’d have ran to the sun like you did and got a paycheque out of it. Please go heal and move on.” Yikes.



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Paul and Tasha are still going strong and are the only original MAFS UK couple to still be together. He’s still boxing frequently and attended the BAFTAS alongside Tasha where they both looked dressed to the nines.



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Tasha and Paul recently went on an amazing looking holiday together, picture blue sky and even bluer sea! She also raised awareness for her condition during Diabetes Week, which is something she discussed whilst on MAFS.



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Thomas has been spending time with some MAFS Australia alumni since his time on the show ended, with him and Tahnee Cook speaking romance rumours when they went out for drinks together. He also returned recently from a gorgeous holiday in Panama as well as graduating from Loughborough University with a Masters in Finance and Investment.



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Rozz recently got into a new relationship and adorably hard launched her new boyfriend on her Instagram. She’s also started to get back into horse riding after losing her own horse two years ago and is still working insanely hard on her flower business.



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Whilst Laura hasn’t been up to anything specific she honestly just looks like she’s loving life and that’s all you want!

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