Petitions and statements: All the biggest drama that has come since Bridgerton season three

The Bridgerton universe is shaking!

Since season three dropped on Netflix, there has been a lot of drama in the Bridgerton universe. Fans have been livid about changes to the books, and petitions have been cropping up making demands to Netflix.

As well as the fans of the show kicking off, there has been drama with the cast, including one certain eligible bachelor going public with a new girlfriend and breaking all of our hearts.

So, here is a complete rundown of all the drama there has been since Bridgerton season three dropped on Netflix.

A fan petition demanded deleted scenes from Bridgerton season three were shared, calling it an ‘injustice’

Bridgerton season three off screen drama

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When the show dropped, there was rumour of loads of deleted scenes. These included sex scenes that didn’t make the cut, and apparently Polin moments left in the editing room. Heartbreaking, really. A petition was set up demanding Netflix restores the deleted scenes, and it now has over 70,000 signatures.

According to the petition, four key scenes were deleted. They are: Colin going home with Penelope after he finds her at the modiste, which leads to an angry kissing scene, the couple lying in bed together whilst talking about publishing Colin’s manuscripts, Colin whispering sweet nothings to Penelope in front of the mirror, kissing her neck and being playful towards her, and an intimate montage in episode eight which included a scene where Colin goes down on Penelope.

The petition said: “We’d like Netflix to do Polin justice, by either releasing the deleted scenes as a separate episode or restoring the episodes the way they were initially intended. Luke and Nicola have done such a fantastic job, and knowing these beautiful and vulnerable scenes did not make the cut, feels like an injustice to their hard work.”

Then Nicola said the ‘deleted scenes’ were just a rumour

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Nicola Coughlan herself then put the rumours that any deleted scenes contained cute Polin moments to bed, and said there was no more from them that fans missed out on.  She said: “You got all the Polin we had”.

Nicola Coughlan herself then put the rumours that any deleted scenes contained cute Polin moments to bed, and said there was no more from them that fans missed out on.  She said: “You got all the Polin we had”.

As well as this, Bridgerton producer Tom Verica also replied to a comment which asked: “Can we please get an extended version of episode eight with Polin sex montage” where he called the whole thing a “myth”.

Another petition was livid about the gender change from the original books

Bridgerton season three off screen drama

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Soon after the first petition, another was published. This one demanded a huge change made to the books, introduced at the end of season three, is reversed by Netflix going forward.

The end of season three saw the entrance of new character Michaela Stirling, who will be at the centre of a queer love story with Francesca Bridgerton. However, in the books the character is called Michael, is a man, and Francesca enters into a heterosexual relationship with him, following the death of John Stirling, the Earl of Kilmartin.

Now, a petition called this change a “travesty” and demanded Netflix rethinks its plan to carry it out, instead begging the show to keep the story the same as the books. “By altering a character’s identity, the storyline risks losing its essence and could potentially disappoint the vast audience that has come to cherish this beloved story,” it said.

“Please, honour the original spirit of the Bridgerton books, and restore Michael Stirling to his rightful place in Francesca’s story. Rekindle the love we held for the characters, as they were, rooted in the pages of the Bridgerton series.”

Bridgerton author Julia Quinn then made a huge statement regarding the change

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Due to all the backlash new character Michaela was getting, Bridgerton book author Julia Quinn released a huge statement, defending the decision to change the character’s gender. She said she feels the change will make the show more “diverse and inclusive”, and promised Francesca’s season will still be the most “heart wrenching and emotional” yet.

“I trust Shondaland’s vision for Bridgerton, but I wanted to be sure that we could remain true to the spirit of the book and of the characters. Jess [Brownell, show runner] and I talked for a long time about it,” Julia said.

“Thank you to readers and fans for your feedback. I am grateful for your understanding and touched by your deep commitment to the characters of the Bridgerton world. I ask that you grant me and the Shondaland team some faith as we move forward.”

Regé-Jean Page was reported to be ‘rebuilding his career’ after leaving Bridgerton

Bridgerton season three off screen drama

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We were all gutted when Regé-Jean Page left his role of the Duke on Bridgerton, to “pursue other things” – but after season three was released it was reported his career is in rebuild mode, and big plans haven’t worked out.

A source told Life&Style: “Regé had an amazing lucky break in Bridgerton four years ago and made the smart decision to jump off of that show to cash in and make movie money, but to say it hasn’t quite worked out as planned is a massive understatement.”

Regé has appeared in a couple of movies since the show, but the source added: “The movies were duds, and the damage was done, and nobody cares that it’s not Regé’s fault. Fast forward to two years later and Regé is still recovering from Dungeons & Dragons and The Gray Man’s underwhelming [success] and the Bond talk has totally evaporated.” Ouch.

Luke Newton broke hearts by going public with his new girlfriend!

Ahead of season three, Colin Bridgerton actor Luke Newton was rumoured to be dating Antonia Roumelioti, a model and dancer. They were both spotted in LA on holiday with a source revealing to The Mirror that they are an item.

They said: “Luke and Antonia get on really well and are having a great time together. They have not yet gone public as it is still early days, but they have grown very close and of course, all their friends and family know. They are thrilled to see them both so happy. And Antonia has been supporting Luke as he deals with the global attention that the latest series has attracted.”

Then, during a Bridgerton premiere after party, Luke and Antonia were pictured holding hands. I’m happy for him, but also crying.

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