MAFS Australia Lucinda Timothy falling out

Eden reveals Lucinda’s ‘very upset’ with Timothy and thought they’d be ‘friends for life’

Eden described Tim as ‘pretty rogue’ when it comes to friendships

The sudden falling out between MAFS Australia co-stars Timothy and Lucinda was something none of us saw coming, and now Eden has weighed in on her thoughts about what’s going on between them.

After leaving MAFS Timothy and Lucinda were firm friends, frequently posting pictures together and calling almost every week to catch up.  However, after Timothy posted a cryptic TikTok it then appeared that he and Lucinda had blocked each other, with her later confirming he’d blocked her on socials.


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MAFS Australia cast member Eden appeared on Yahoo! Lifestyle’s Behind The Edit podcast to discuss the falling out between Lucinda and Timothy. She revealed that she had spoken to Lucinda “a bit” about the feud and knows she’s “pretty upset”  by the whole thing. She explained:”But I’ll leave that for Lucinda to speak on. I think Lucinda’s pretty upset by it. I think she really wants to stay friends, as far as I know.”

As for whether Eden was just as surprised as we were to learn the duo’s friendship had ended, she confessed: “Yes and no. I really did think they’d be friends for life, but Timothy’s pretty rogue sometimes. He’s got really strong opinions, and good for him, but he’s pretty certain.

“If he thinks this is wrong, then it is wrong, and he goes hard on that. So I guess if he has an opinion on something, he’s just gonna go for it.” I’m sensing some serious drama vibes.

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