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Former Love Island star Sharon Gaffka wants to be an MP

‘I definitely don’t want the standard influencer jobs you see from Love Islanders’

Former Love Island star Sharon Gaffka has revealed her desire to become an MP.

Sharon appeared on GB News this morning and was asked by Nigel Farage what her plans for the future look like. “I would love to see myself as a member of parliament one day, or some kind of investigative journalism,” she said. “I definitely don’t want the standard influencer jobs you see from Love Islanders.”

Nigel replied: “I think you have every chance of becoming an MP. I can spot them a mile off.”

Since leaving the Love Island, Sharon has been campaigning tirelessly to improve the way we support victims of spiking.

In an interview with The Tab, Sharon revealed how her own experiences of drink spiking inspired her to lobby the government with the hope of effecting real change.

“I think it’s more important for me to break the stereotypical mould of what a Love Islander does, and use that platform and the followers that I’ve gained, especially the young girls that follow me, and do something really helpful for them to make sure they don’t have to deal what I’ve dealt with,” Sharon told The Tab.

And since that interview, Sharon’s campaigning has seemingly paid off, as the sentences for people who possess or supply drink spiking drugs were extended earlier this month.

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