Here’s how you can support those affected by the Turkey and Syria earthquakes as a Sussex student

‘It’s upsetting to see the news whilst being so far from home’

On Monday 6th February, a major earthquake hit Turkey and Syria with the epicentre hitting the city of Gaziantep. The 7.8 magnitude quake and its aftershocks has left cities in rubble and claimed the lives of thousands.

As of this article, more than 11,200 people have died and the death toll is expected to rise.

Ömer, president of the Sussex Turkish Society, told the Sussex Tab: “I have friends there who can’t reach their families. We all feel like we should be there, but we have to stay here and get these people the help they need”

As of this article, the UK government has sent 76 search and rescue specialists with four search dogs and rescue equipment to Turkey and is working with the UN to support Syria. Here are a few ways that you can support the effort, as a Sussex student:

Turkish Society Bake Sale

Time: Wednesday 8th February from 10am-6pm.

Location: Library Square

The Sussex Turkish Society has organised a bake sale to raise money for those affected by the earthquakes. The stall will be selling a variety of different items including chocolate cakes, breakfast muffins and other treats. All the funds raised will be donated to Ahbap, a charity focusing on support relief for those impacted by the disaster.

Donation Drive on Campus

Time: Wednesday 8th February from 10am-6pm.

Location: Library Square

The Sussex Turkish society has teamed up with other Turkish Societies across the country to gather donations for those affected in Turkey and Syria.  The items donated will also help aid workers to continue their search for survivors of the disaster. Items such as sanitary products, winter clothing and blankets are just a few of the items that the society are collecting. The donations will be collected and sent to King’s College London this Friday. They will then be sent to the affected areas, via Turkish cargo.

Ömer told the Sussex Tab: “We may not be physically in Türkiye during these hard times, however we are lucky enough to have the ability and power to come together, fundraise and help those who are in need”

Donation Drive At Royal Sussex County Hospital

Time: Wednesday 8th- Thursday 9th February from 9am-6pm.

Location: Royal Sussex County Hospital, Ground floor of Audrey Emmerton Building

If you’re unable to donate on campus, the Royal Sussex County Hospital is also accepting donations. They are looking for items such as flashlights, baby formula and diapers. As well as canned food. These donations will also be sent to King’s College London on Friday 10th February.