McEwan Hall is to be used as the venue for the UK’s first live major Fortnite tournament

Now you can graduate on the same stage an adult man has done a Fortnite dance on

The prestigious McEwan Hall has been confirmed as the venue for the UK’s first live major Fortnite tournament. The tournament will take place on June 10th with Red Bull Contested inviting the world’s best Fortnite players to compete in front of a live studio audience.

The players will see the players battle across eight intense rounds, with an additional twist. For the final four points, eliminations will be worth double points, forcing players to adopt new aggressive strategies to stay in the hunt for the crown, while also incentivizing the lower-ranked players to play more aggressively.

Red Bull Player and Fortnite professional, Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman said: “This event is going to be massive for Fortnite in the UK – the best players all here for a major tournament, and with a proper Red Bull twist, but there hasn’t been anything like it here.”

If you’re a Fortnite fan you can buy tickets for the event here. Oh and don’t worry, there’s official Fortnite merchandise sold at the event as well…

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