Sussex University students to be given £50 fines if caught drinking on Brighton beach

Some students have already called the ban ‘ridiculous’

It has been announced that Sussex University students living in Brighton and Sussex will be banned from drinking on Brighton beach.

According to a close source, the ban has been instated due to the “unruly and antisocial behaviour caused by the consumption of alcohol on Brighton’s beaches”.

If you are caught drinking alcohol on the beach or anywhere near the seafront, you will be given an on the spot £50 fine.

The Sussex Tab is working to confirm why this absurd ban has been brought into place but it’s been alleged student-hating locals have lobbied the council to push through the measure.

Students like these will now face a £50 fine for having a beer

One local businessman, Richard Argent told The Sussex Tab: “I think it’s great that somethings finally been done. Every year, especially during the summer, students come to the beach to drink themselves silly. It’s gotten so out of hand in the last few years’

He added: “I bloody hate students. They’re all as bad as each other. Whether you’re drinking Stella out of a can or you’re drinking Moretti in a bottle, I don’t want to see you on my beach.”

It has been confirmed that the ban will affect all Sussex University students and the ban will begin from early April. However, the exact dates are still to be confirmed.

Third year student, Sandy, told The Sussex Tab: “I think it’s ridiculous, personally.

“It’s supposed to be 12 degrees at the weekend. That is perfect beach weather. I have been dreaming about sitting on those uncomfortable rocks drinking a lukewarm Kopparberg all week. Now what am I going to do?”

If you’ve read this far, Happy April Fools Day!

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