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Race Across the World quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you how long you would last on this year’s Race Across the World

If you aren’t willing to hitch-hike from a petrol station, it’s pretty much done for you

In the past seven weeks, I’ve spent over 400 minutes glued to the TV every Wednesday night watching Race Across the World. In that time, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting very comfortably on the sofa. And yet, I can’t help thinking watching the ten contestants travel all across Canada, I could do this as well. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Once you get around the idea of being comfortable hitch-hiking from petrol stations, that you might see one or two bears, and you know how to budget your money (rather than blow it all on taxis), it surely can’t be that hard.

If you are thinking the same thing, this quiz is for you. We’ve designed a quiz that will put you through your paces, so realistic you will feel as if you are out in the Canadian wilderness yourself. Do you know when to take a bus or a train, when it makes sense to hire a car, or rely on the kindness of strangers? Are you able to haggle and negotiate, improvise when you are in a tough spot? With no phones or internet allowed, this Race Across the World quiz will undeniably determine whether you have what it takes to win and take home the £25,000 prize or if you’d end up on an early flight home.

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