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An ode to Tyrique: The most unintentionally chaotic Love Island 2023 contestant

Whoever found Tyrique deserves a raise

Tyrique has proven himself to be the best Islander in the Love Island 2023 villa and honestly, I don’t even think that was his intention. When it was announced he would be entering the villa, it was fair to assume he’d be like the mountains of semi-professional footballers Love Island had seen before. Quite cocky and an inevitable member of Destiny’s Chaldish, but Tyrique has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

Tyrique has got jokes, sauce and would be anyone’s dream man if they wanted to stay up every night wondering if he’s thinking about you. His suave and unserious vibe in the villa will go down in history and as it should!

At this point, it’s safe to say he is the best boy in this year’s villa and all these chaotic moments prove it:

Tyrique is the definition of flirting for fun

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When Leah picked Tyrique to cook her dinner, everything that he and Ella built seemed to be crumbling down. However when Leah picked him in the recoupling, you could just tell that wasn’t what he was hoping for. Sure, it may not be ideal but it was so obvious Tyrique was bored and did what we’ve all done and flirted for fun.

Given Tyrique told Leah he wasn’t planning on making a decision between her and Ella, it’s clear he had no motivation to genuinely give things a go. You’ve got to give it to the man. At least he’s honest!

Everyone on Twitter is obsessed with him

It comes as no surprise that everyone has been absolutely lapping up Tyrique and his antics in the Love Island villa. All of these reactions prove the British public are simply in awe of him.

His confidence levels are unmatched

Tyrique entered the villa and said he was a footballer. Like any viewer, you’re desperate to know just how well of a footballer an Islander actually was and Tyrique… well he had some balls. During his promo video, he said: “I’m the one who scores all the goals.” Well, this may not be the case, but you’ve got to rate the confidence because he has only scored two goals all season. Yikes!

Despite everything, he has always been honest with Leah and Ella

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It’s all fair and well to critique Tyrique for his antics but he has been nothing but honest with both Ella and Leah about his intentions. Sure it took a bit of prodding from Ella, but he did come clean and said he wasn’t closed off and wanted to get to know other people.

He’s a menace but he’s honest!

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