‘Whose breakup?’: Mitch has already posted a completely unbothered video about Ella B split

‘Messy’ Mitch took to Instagram Live to discuss the breakup

Ah yes, another day, another opportunity for Mitch to earn his messy namesake. Mitch has already posted an Instagram Live about his breakup from Ella B, and if you looked up the words “over the breakup” in the dictionary his video would 100 per cent appear.

Just weeks after leaving the villa, Mitch and Ella B posted on their socials yesterday about their breakup, saying the cause of it was work commitments – although rumours are flying around that Mitch was flirting with his ex Abi behind Ella’s back. Despite this all happening only yesterday, it would seem like messy Mitch has already forgotten him and Ella have broken up.

Mitch took to Instagram with Tyrique and Ella looking about as unbothered as you can get. Ella asked Mitch how he was, saying that she “heard about the breakup, I hope you’re okay”, Mitch then responded “whose?”, to which Ella clarified “yours.” So yeah, seems safe to say he’s mentally completely moved past the breakup.

mitch is unserious too💀
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But Ella’s reminder that yes, Mitch did go through a breakup yesterday seems to have kickstarted Mitch’s memory who explained that “it is what it is, isn’t it, we’re both very busy people at the moment and we haven’t got time for each other, she’s busy, I’m busy, and blah blah blah.” He quickly changed the topic saying “we’re not talking about this anyway.”

Mitch then tried to get Tyrique and Ella to show him some of their bars ahead of Tyrique’s upcoming album release, with Mitch joking (although at this point who knows) that he’ll be featuring on Tyrique’s next album.

Announcing the breakup Ella said: “Hi guys, just wanted to come on here and keep you all updated. You deserve to know as I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

“Unfortunately, myself and Mitch have decided to end our relationship. I really wanted things to work out and I’m gutted that our journey has come to an end. I wish Mitch all the best and hope he finds his happiness. It’s time for both of us to start a new chapter. Thank you so much for all the love and support, it means the world to me.”

Mitch also wrote about the breakup on his Instagram story after Ella B made her statement, and said: “Morning everyone. As you have most likely seen Ella’s post sadly our relationship has come to an end. We had no intentions of ending, but with our busy lives at this moment and living the other side of the country made it extremely hard for it to work. I wish Ella nothing but the best as she is a lovely girl and deserves the world.”

Mitch and Ella B deciding to split comes almost exactly a month after the Love Island final, where the couple came fifth and just missed out on a spot in the finale.

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