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Schofield unfollows Holly on Insta as she admits it’s been ‘a difficult year’ at the NTAs

Schofe is getting salty

The National Television Awards brought questionable outfit choices, great memes and of course more This Morning drama. This year’s NTAs was the first that Schofield hasn’t attended, although thankfully that means we were spared from pretending to find Holly and his hungover segment on This Morning entertaining.

It was also the first NTAs in 13 years that This Morning hasn’t won Best Daytime Show, with The Repair Shop taking home the award instead.

Phillip unfollowed Holly on Instagram

Yesterday Schofield unfollowed Holly on Instagram, although Holly still follows him. Phillip does still follow Holly’s sister but the move is one that suggests the two are still feuding despite him once describing Holly as “my rock, we’re the best of friends – as always, she is an incredible support on screen, behind the scenes and on the phone.”

Holly ran away from a reporter on the red carpet

Walking the red carpet before all the action kicked off, Holly was confronted by TalkTV’s Oliver Whitfield-Miočić, who asked: “Holly, are there still bullying allegations at This Morning?”

As she continued to walk away, instead choosing to chat with fans, he persisted asking, “Holly, are you missing Phil being here?” Literally never seen Holly walk away from another person so quickly before.

But admitted to another one that ‘people want things to move on’

Speaking to other reporters last night, Holly admitted it’s been a “difficult year”. She explained saying, “If I am really honest, it has been up and down. It has been a difficult year for everybody but what’s lovely is you find that people rally around you and the goodwill is there.

“People want things to move on. It feels different.”

This Morning was very loudly booed by the audience

When the nominees for Best Daytime Show were read out, This Morning was very loudly booed by members of the audience, so of course the cameraman panned to Holly and Alison Hammond for their reactions. The two’s media training seems to have paid off though as neither seemed to react and carried on smiling and clapping.

110 per cent were absolutely dying on the inside though.

Eamonn was absolutely loving the drama and ripped into Holly

Trust Eamonn to wade into the drama, he was absolutely here for it. Discussing the booing he commented, “Apparently the audience was just chanting, ‘Bring back Eamonn!'” – I feel like this is more of an apparently than a fact tbh.

Guest Scarlett Mccgwire also seemed to love that This Morning has lost its winning streak, remarking, “Apparently the This Morning people were devastated because, god forbid, that there could be a better programme that actually won it.”


Holly congratulated The Repair Shop for winning on Instagram

Despite losing Willoughby congratulated Jay Blades and the Repair Shop team on Instagram, as well as Sarah Lancashire and NTAs host Joel Dommett. She wrote alongside a selfie of the pair: “To this gorgeous man @jaybladesmbe and the whole team at the @therepairshoptv … Hugest Congratulations!!!

“And what a night for the incredible Sarah Lancashire… @joeldommett thank you for a great night… See you in the morning.”

Who knew so much drama could happen in one evening?

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