Most expensive university halls

Ranked: Here are the nine most eye wateringly expensive university halls in the country

Who wants to spend £23,000 on one room??

For most of us university halls were pretty grim. Shared bathrooms, food being stolen out of the fridge and mould on the walls. And for some universities, they’re still going to charge a small fortune for you to share a manky bathroom with 15 other students.

So, here are some of the most insanely expensive university halls in the country and genuinely be prepared to feel in shock at the price of number one.

9. St Georges University of London – Horton Halls

The first expensive university halls can be found in this ‘premium room’, which just means it has a small double bed, which will set you back a whopping £210 per week at Horton Halls in St Georges University London. Firstly, the name Horton Halls needs to be addressed because all I can think of is Horton Hears a Who.

Overall a room in these halls comes to £8,820 for the full 42-week term. And no, that doesn’t include ensuite facilities, meaning you’ll be sharing a bathroom and kitchen with your flatmates.

8. University of Edinburgh – Baird House

If you’ve been to Edinburgh, or honestly even if you haven’t, you’ve no doubt heard of Chancellors which is renowned as being full of posh Southerners. And it definitely wasn’t the accommodation I stayed in… but anyway, it turns out Chancellors actually isn’t the most expensive at Pollock Halls, Baird House is! Who knew?

A 37-week stay at Baird House will cost your parents a cool £224.60 per week or £8,311 for the whole year. Having seen Baird House from the outside and in I can tell you right now it’s absolutely not worth that amount of money, but you do get access to catered cooking and the joys of shared bathrooms.

Weirdly enough though, each room comes with its own sink so at least you can brush your teeth in private, or other things if you really can’t face the communal bathrooms.

7. Arts University Bournemouth – Home Park

In amongst major capital cities I was not expecting Bournemouth to pop on this list. But to be fair it’s probably some of the nicest modern accommodation you can get out there so I assume the price is slightly justified. A 51-week stay at Home Park will cost you £235 per week or £11,985 for the whole year.

For that princely sum, you do get your very own premier studio, which means you get your very own kitchen facilities and ensuite bathroom. Just imagine the thrill of being able to buy some Lurpak and not worry that someone is going to steal it, can you really put a price on that? Having said that you do have to live in Bournemouth so I guess it’s a trade-off.

6. St Andrews – Whitehorn Hall


A wee peek at our lil hall🖤💛 #standrewsuni #universityhall #whitehorn

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St Andrews is where Kate and William met, so you’d best believe it has some of the most expensive accommodation. The most expensive hall is at the newest accommodation, Whitehorn Hall which costs £10,991 for 38 weeks, or £289.20 per week.

Alongside being ensuite and catered accommodation Whitehorn Hall even has a cinema and games room for that extra fancy factor.

5. London School of Economics – Bankside House

It doesn’t take an economics genius to work out that £297.15 per week or £11,588.86 for 39 weeks, to stay at some of the ugliest student accommodation I’ve clapped my eyes on is a bit of a rip-off.

You do get your own ensuite as well but only a single bed, not that you’d be likely to bring back anyone after they took one look at the outside. And the university is even kind enough to provide you with duvets and pillows.

4. Imperial College London – Eastside Halls

Another expensive university accommodation, another university in London. Eastside Halls at Imperial College London cost £339 per week or £13,221 for 39 weeks, and for that, you get a premium single ensuite room and convenience store, restaurant and bar in your accommodation. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone manages to live in London.

3. University College London – Astor College

Shoutout to Astor College for actually looking very cute. Although still not cute enough to justify £358.89 per week or £13,996.71 for the full 39 weeks.

This price gets you a large single studio with your very own kitchen and ensuite so you can cook up a storm! But be warned, when I checked the laundry room it’s circuit laundry so prepare to go into debt all over again when they steal all your money.

2. University of Westminster – Marylebone Hall

This accommodation has a fish tank in the reception area so you already know it’s going to be expensive. A penthouse ensuite will cost mummy and daddy £296.10 per week or for 38 weeks, £11,251.80.

And to be fair you get quite a lot for your money. Your room will boast unrivalled views of Regent’s Park, flat-screen televisions, your own tumble dryer and even an Xbox 360. Some of them are even set over multiple floors. It’s wild how different the university accommodation experience can be for everyone.

1. King’s College London – City, Vine Street

Last, but absolutely not least is the most expensive university halls in the country which can be found at King’s College London in their City Vine Street accommodation which costs an insane £465 per week or for 51 weeks £23,715. That’s right, £23,716 for one academic year.

It’s worth noting that this is for postgraduates only and some of the features these halls have are absolutely bonkers. First off, it has some of the original actual London wall built into the accommodation, free gym access, complimentary bicycle use, and luxury shower rooms. Still, I cannot get over how expensive that is, it’s almost the cost of my four years at university in tuition fees.

So there you have the most expensive university halls in the country, funded entirely by the bank of mummy and daddy.

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