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Inside the boujee life of Paris Fury

From seven kids to bestselling books: Inside the boujee life of Tyson’s wife Paris Fury

She’s just had a baby!

You might have seen her in Netflix’s At Home With The Furys, but who is Tyson Fury’s wife Paris Fury? Paris was the real star of the Netflix documentary with fans falling in love with her iconic personality. From her traditional traveller background to her £500k ring, let’s glimpse inside the boujee life of Paris Fury.

How did Paris and her boxer husband Tyson Fury meet?

Paris Fury is the wife of boxing legend and heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. The two met when Paris was just 15 years old when she and Tyson crossed paths at the wedding of a mutual friend, before meeting again at Paris’s 16th birthday party. The childhood sweethearts began dating, with Tyson telling his parents he was going to marry Paris straight after their first date.

Paris described her feelings for Tyson saying how she “liked him from the very beginning, he was so different to other boys. I didn’t say yes to dating straight away though, he asked me out a lot of times before I agreed. Our first date was to see King Kong at the cinema and I later found out he’d told his parents afterwards that he was going to marry me.”

The pair got married in 2008 with Tyson proposing in France with a ring worth around £500k! The two haven’t always had a completely stable marriage, with Tyson saying how much he appreciates her being there despite the “good times and the bad times, for her to still be there when you don’t want to be and you’re being forced away and you’re being pushed out, that takes a very strong individual.”

Paris has stayed with Tyson despite cheating allegations

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Paris has stuck alongside Tyson throughout everything and the two now have seven children and welcomed their newest baby boy a few days ago. Announcing the happy news, Paris and Tyson said, “We’re over the moon to have welcomed our baby boy to the Fury family. His brothers and sisters can’t wait to meet him and create lots of Fury fun! Our boy is the most perfect addition and we’re bursting with love for him. It’s crazy how you can love someone so quickly.”

The name of their new son is yet to be revealed but Paris’s three other sons are all called Prince with Tyson explaining that “I’m a king and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.” So all signs point to his first name being Prince!

Paris was also brought up as a traveller

Like Tyson, Paris was also raised in a traditional traveller family in Doncaster. Describing her upbringing she said “I am a traveller, I am a gypsy. I was brought up in caravans when I was a little girl.

“It’s just the traditional lifestyle; there’s no real definition, there’s no bloodline because we never went to the doctor to say we are who we are. There are still gypsies today who can’t read or write, we’re just that old fashioned.”

Paris has written a best selling book with another out soon!

Paris frequently appears in Loose Women and has previously written her own bestselling book, Love and Fury: The Magic and Mayhem of Life with Tyson. She has a new book coming out in just over one week called How Does She Do It? The Kids, Tyson & Me, which “reveals how she manages to keep their household running” and is based around questions on the life of Paris Fury. Based on the success of the Netflix show it looks like her new book is set to be another bestseller!

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