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Omg, Danny Dyer and Jack Fincham are beefing on Instagram right now over… a leg of lamb?

Jack thinks Danny called him a ‘tw*t’

So, Jack Fincham and Danny Dyer are having major Instagram beef right now over a leg of lamb. But what exactly is going on?

Danny Dyer discussed his daughter, Dani’s, previous relationships in a rant at the British Film Institute on Monday. Danny said, “My Dani has bought home some f*****g tw*ts. Sitting at my table on a Sunday, eating my leg of lamb.

“You can’t tell your children who to fall in love with. You have to go with the f*****g flow. And then she bought home Jarrod Bowen. I earned him. He is a real man.

“So yeah, if all my dreams could come true, all I f*****g want is for a man, or woman, whatever, to worship the f*****g ground my daughter walks on.”

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham won the 2018 series of Love Island, but split later that year. She has been in a relationship with footballer Jarrod Bowen since 2021.

Jack was reportedly arrested on suspicion of drug-driving and using false plates on his car on August 26. He insists he has not been charged. Dani dated Sammy Kimmence prior to her appearance on Love Island. They reunited after her split from Jack, but in 2021 Sammy was jailed for scamming vulnerable pensioners out of £34,000.

Via Instagram @jack_charlesf

And in a now-deleted post from Tuesday night, Jack hit back at Danny’s remarks and branded him as “pathetic” and said he has only ever spoken positively about the star.

Jack wrote on his story, “A t**t? I’ve never eaten a leg of lamb at your house. If you have something to say about me, you know how to get hold of me, so don’t say things without expecting consequences because we know what happened last time don’t we Danny Dyer.”

He added in a video, “Do you know what? Normally I’d never ever react to what someone says about me in the press but the fact is, that certain person, I get asked about every single day no matter where I am.

“I get asked ‘Did you meet her dad? What’s he like?’ And every single time I say, What a lovely fella, what a lovely geezer. And I say nothing but nice things, so for a fully grown man in his forties to say to the paper that I’m an ‘f*****g tw*t’, like I’m not having that. That’s pathetic. You can’t do things like that.”

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