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Davide responded to cheating allegations against Ekin-Su from Love Island

‘This is disgusting,’ Davide angrily responds to cheating allegations against Ekin-Su

The man’s legs are crossed, it’s getting serious

If you’ve ever doubted for one second that Davide from Love Island is 100 per cent Italian, his response to his cheating allegations will convince you otherwise. Sat crossed-legged in a chair, with a comically large picture of Ekin-Su behind him, the 2022 Love Island winner was getting down to business.

Davide was recently seen at a party in Manchester, and was there alongside Harriet Wilson, who fellow Love Island winner Ekin-Su, had previously accused of “sleeping with Davide.”

Davide responds to another cheating allegation
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Davide responded to the accusations in a rant-fuelled Instagram story. He said “Wow, wow, wow. This is actually disgusting now.” He felt the need to say something not only because he is “very happy with how things are going between Ekin and me,” but also because “neither of them deserves to read this c**p.”

Davide explained, “First of all, Ekin knew I was going to be there. Ekin knows I have a close relationship with the owner of the restaurant. I was going to be there regardless of the fact that I was enjoying some time with my friends, as I am allowed to do as a human being.”

He went on to say that “she knew I was going to be there for another reason, business-wise. So I don’t understand where this sneaky bit is coming from. I spoke to her before the event. I spoke with her after the event, and we are totally fine.”

Davide clarified that he “cannot control who decides to come in and go out of the restaurant. If someone decides to take a picture outside of that restaurant, where inside there are more than 300 to 400 people. I am pushing myself to try and find a correlation for why this person must be partying with me, but I genuinely cannot.”

He finished his response by telling his followers that Harriet Wilson, ” is in a happy relationship with someone else, as I am in a happy relationship with Ekin.” He also asked his followers to “please don’t believe everything you read.”

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