Sex Education house for sale

Um, this is not a drill! You can now buy Otis’ house from Sex Education for £1.5 million

Is Gillian Anderson included in the asking price??

Property and Sex Education lovers rise up! If you’ve been secretly obsessing over Otis’ Pinterest-worthy house in Sex Education, then you’re in luck because it’s for sale! It’s genuinely one of the most gorgeous houses I’ve ever seen in my life, and will now be spending the rest of this week trying to hatch a devious plan to get my hands on that amount of money.

The house is being sold by Knight Frank and is on the market for a cool £1.5 million. Pocket change. It’s located right on the river in Herefordshire, and even comes with its own orchard and Swedish hot tub. As if I couldn’t be more obsessed.

So, in true property programme style, let’s have a look around the house together shall we?

Via Knight Frank

Okay, so we have to start with the outside of the iconic Sex Education house in all its glory. Look at it. Imagine that actually being your home, I think I’d just fully pass away.

Via Knight Frank

God, I am so obsessed with this kitchen. The colour scheme, the tiles, and even the little mini fire are so adorable. Imagine it snowing outside and you’re all cosy inside making hot chocolate. The rest of my life is now going to be spent pretending I live inside the Sex Education house.

Via Knight Frank

This is hands down my favourite room in the house. I cannot describe how much I love it. It really is the most gorgeous, tranquil space I’ve ever seen. The things I would do to host a candlelit dinner party here are unspeakable.

Via Knight Frank

This has to be one of the cosiest interiors I’ve ever seen. Big fan of the ambient lighting, and the sofas look very comfortable for rotting away and scrolling on TikTok for hours.

Via Knight Frank

Look at the tiny fire. I never knew I needed a bottom of the stairs, hallway fire until now.

Via Knight Frank

I don’t know why but I could see Matilda Djerf decorating her house like this. The only thing I’m not completely on board with is the metal headboards, don’t feel like they’d be the most supportive.


Via Knight Frank

And as if this house couldn’t get any more perfect, it has its own wood-fired hot tub. Looking over the river in your hot tub sounds pretty lush. I’m very jealous of whoever gets their hands on this house!

Featured image via Frank Knight

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