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Made in Chelsea Liv

Um, Liv from Made in Chelsea accidentally ate some placenta thinking it was Haribo

I think Liv has been eating different Haribo to the rest of us

We all love having a little treat every now and then. But Liv Bentley from Made in Chelsea got a slightly different sweet treat than she was anticipating. And that’s because she accidentally ate some of Tiffany Watson’s placenta when she went to her house, mistaking it for a piece of Haribo. You actually cannot make this up.

The story came up on Ollie and Gareth’s podcast, Newly Dads. The Made in Chelsea favourites were discussing how many of the cast have children, and the topic of placenta and breastmilk came up.

“Olivia Bentley told me the other day she had gone to Tiffany Watson’s house and had a Haribo from the fridge, and it was actually her placenta,” revealed Ollie, stunning his husband.

Clarifying the strange circumstance, Ollie explained, “She had eaten a placenta gummy, and she thought it was a Haribo and it wasn’t.”

Gareth then asked, “She actually ate Tiff Watson? That’s not vegan.”

I’m actually in shock, imagine accidentally eating your friend’s placenta. Hopefully, Liv got some kind of health benefit from it.

Tiffany Watson gave birth to a baby boy in June and has spoken about her plans to raise her baby as a vegan.

As for Liv, she’s recently been spotted snogging Temps of all people. But I’m sure Liv will reveal all in the upcoming season of Made in Chelsea.

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