Harry Styles shaved head mum why

Harry Styles’ mum reveals the real reason behind his controversial newly shaved head

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Like all of us, I spent the weekend reeling from the pictures of Harry Styles’ bald and freshly shaved head, and have barely recovered. And if you’ve been wondering what on earth possessed Harry to shave his head then you can rest easy because Harry’s mum reveals why when one fan met her over the weekend!

One fan who accidentally bumped into Harry’s mum has explained that she said Harry shaved his head because “he’s on holiday, he fancied a change.” Imagine being the hairdresser who shaved it off, or maybe Harry just did it himself.


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The fan then posted to TikTok to explain her encounter with Harry’s mum. First off, the two met on Sunday in Ikea of all places, she was probably there for the meatballs like we all are. She said how she “couldn’t stop crying” when she realised Harry’s mum Anne was there, and asked her for a photo whilst telling her what a massive fan of Harry she is.

She then took one for the team and asked his mum whether “Harry shaved his head.” Anne replied confirming that “yes” he has, and then the fan’s dad said the most dad thing ever and casually asked if “it’s for a film or just for a change?”

Anne responded by saying “It’s because he’s on holiday, he fancied a change.”

Some people get stick-on tattoos on holiday, others get feathers braided through their hair, and Harry decided to shave it all off and live that buzzcut life.

Maybe we should set up a support group for those who are still grieving the loss of such luscious locks, but at least it looks like Harry is living his best shaved-head life and honestly I love that for him.

His mum also sounds so sweet as the fan described how she apologised to his mum for crying when she met her and called herself “a loser.”Anne then said that she should never call herself that, and even gave Maddie, the fan, and her dad a “massive hug.” So adorable.

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