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Dubai Bling partners

From models to businessmen: Meet the millionaire partners of the Dubai Bling cast

I need to know whether LJ and Hasnain are engaged or not!

Whilst the cast of Dubai Bling are all rich and famous in their own right, their partners are as well! A lot of them have been married and now have families together, so let’s meet the millionaire partners of the Dubai Bling cast.

Brianna Fade – Married to Kris Fade

Brianna and Kris from Dubai Bling have been partners for almost 10 years after they met online in 2015, after which she decided to relocate to Dubai. She found a new job in Dubai working as a brand manager at Fade Fit, which is a lifestyle company co-founded by Kris.

Sort of like a nepo-baby job but instead through your partner. Alongside her job with Kris, Brianna also works as the talent manager for Curveball Events.

Brianna and Kris got engaged in December 2021 after dating for six years. The two tied the knot in March 2022 at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai. They share two dogs together as well as two daughters from Kris’ previous marriage. Brianna just gave birth to their first baby together, a boy named Kruz.

Hamdah – Married to Ebraheem Al Samadi

Whilst Ebraheem is very public about his boujee life on Dubai Bling, not much is known about Ebraheem’s partner Hamdah, as she wishes to remain private. The two got married in March at the Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

Ebraheem recently posted on Instagram asking fans to stop requesting photos of his wife’s face. He wrote: “In the past month I’ve been getting an enormous amount of requests to share full images of my wife, I find this very disrespectful because this is her right to remain private as this is the culture of her family and of many families in the Middle East and Islamic world.

“It was my choice for me to be in the public’s eye. As for her, she wants to remain private.”

Hassan Elamin – Married to Mona Kattan

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“It was my choice for me to be in the public’s eye. As for her, she wants to remain private.”

Hassan Elamin – Married to Mona Kattan

Hassan Elamin studied in London before moving to the Middle East and currently works as a head of facultative for Aon Reinsurance Solutions. He has his own clothing line with his siblings called Elamins.

Hassan and Mona have been dating for over two years, with Hassan proposing to Mona in December 2021, and then getting married in early 2023.

Danya Mohammed – Married to DJ Bliss

Danya and DJ Bliss got married in a lavish wedding in 2015, where out of the whopping 600 guests she only knew 50. The pair have two children together, Zayed who was born in 2018 and Meera who was born in 2020.

Danya is more commonly known as Diva Dee, and has a YouTube channel where she reviews beauty products, talks to guests and shows behind the scenes on Dubai Bling.

Fahad Siddiqui – Married to Safa Siddiqui

Fahad is originally from Mumbai and met Safa when he moved to Dubai for work. They got married in 2019 with a traditional Indian wedding, and welcomed their first daughter in 2019 and their second in 2022.

Hanna Azzi – Married to Zeina Khoury

Hanna and Zeina have been married for over 10 years. Hanna is the general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels and Resorts. They have two children together called Alexa and Joey.

Hasnain Lehri – Possibly engaged to LJ

At the end of Dubai Bling season two Hasnain proposed to LJ, but we were left on a cliffhanger about whether or not she accepted. Hasnain is an actor and model and was voted as one of the 100 Sexiest Asian Men in 2017.

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