Jason Selling Sunset fraud

Omg, Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset is being sued for fraud

The owner is claiming the five million dollar home he bought from Jason is ‘faulty’

Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset is being sued for fraud and breach of contract after the owner came across “profoundly disturbing revelations” in their five million dollar home.

Jason is being sued by Philip Berardi, who is also suing Jason’s real estate company Oppenheim Group. Philip reportedly discovered various issues in his new house after purchase, leading him to spend over $1.7 million in repairs.


According to The Daily Mail, the water leaked from all of the bedrooms’ ceilings during a storm. As the leaks were being repaired, the second storm continued to cause damage, revealing another leakage source in the master bedroom.

Philip claims that there was mould under plywood decks above the master bedroom “as a direct result of the defective conditions of the property. An approximately five-foot gutter with a cap at the end was also discovered in the ceiling of the master bedroom, which was apparently installed to capture water from the leaking defective deck situated above the master bedroom,” the filing stated.

The suit also mentioned blue painter’s tape that adhered rags under the hot water tank “to collect water to conceal the leak in the tank that had been previously noted in an inspection report and made part of a request for repairs.” The water damage led to “termite infestations” and “severe dry-rot damage” to the deck.


The suit goes on to say: “Considering these profoundly disturbing revelations, it is evident the property’s condition at the time of purchase was not accurately disclosed,” and that it left the homeowner in a “severe state of distress, financial burden and uncertainty regarding the safety of this significant purchase.

“Defendants committed these acts and engaged in misconduct knowingly, intentionally and willfully,” the filing states, and accuses Jason Oppenheim of “reckless disregard of the probability that their actions and conduct would cause severe and mental distress.”


Philip’s attorney said: “When you buy a home from someone, and especially when there are licensed and reputable brokers involved, you expect full disclosure of any major issues with the home. In fact, California law requires it.”

The Tab has reached out to Jason Oppenheim for comment. 

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