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Ranked: The Selling Sunset stars charging the most for a video on Cameo

I cannot believe how much Mary is charging

When they’re not busy selling houses, Davina aside, the cast of Selling Sunset is making major bank through Cameo. If you don’t know what Cameo is, it’s a site where celebrities charge for personalized videos, perfect for birthdays and special events! Let’s rank who from the Selling Sunset cast is charging the most for a video on Cameo!

7. Maya Vander – £75

Maya has the cheapest Cameo price on the list out of the Selling Sunset cast, but she has a five-star rating with over 200 reviews!

6. Davina Potratz – £118

Davina charges £118 for her Cameo and also has a five-star rating, but only 47 reviews.

5. Bre Tiesi – £158

In between making TikToks with Nick Cannon, Bre from Selling Sunset also does videos on Cameo. She charges £158 for a personalized video and has a five-star rating with seven videos so far.

4. Amanza Smith – £198

Amanza charges £198 for a video on Cameo, and has a 4.82 star rating, with 17 videos.

3. Romain Bonnet – £198

It’s wild that Romain charges more than anyone else in the cast other than Mary, sir you’re not even in the main cast. He charges almost £200 for one Cameo video and has made 33 videos with a 4.93 rating.

2. Mary Bonnet – £237

Mary charges a whopping £237 for one video on Cameo, making her the most expensive member of the Selling Sunset cast. She’s made 60 videos and has a 4.92 rating.

1. Mary and Romain – £395

Mary and Romain decided to cash in on that Selling Sunset fame and make a joint Cameo account as well as their singular ones. They charge an insane £395 for a video with them, which is a huge amount!

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