Kylie Richards is up for dating a woman after Morgan Wade rumours

Kyle Richards admits she is up for ‘dating a woman’ on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle take a deep breath it will all be okay!

Kyle Richards confirms she is up for “dating a woman” in the trailer for the new series of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after months of rumours she’s loved-up with Morgan Wade.  

The 54-year-old television personality sent shockwaves among the Bravo fandom when she announced her separation from her husband of 27 years Mauricio Umansky back in the summer and the goss is continuing to flow about the reasons why they called it quits.  

In a snippet of the upcoming episode from the show’s 13th season, Kyle is seen asking the girls if they would ever consider experimenting with going out with someone of the same gender.

Kyle, who is the only remaining original cast member from the LA-based instalment of Andy Cohen’s universe of glamorous chaos and has been on since its 2010 debut, shocks her fellow diners. Dorit Kemsley, who recently made her panto debut in her hubby PK’s native England believe it or not, struggles to keep her wine down. Crystal Kung Minkoff turns the question back to Kyle, who coyly responds “yeah” and a nod. 

Later in the clip, Kyle is seen to be trying to come to terms with something, staring at her phone, telling her alleged love Morgan Wade, who rumours have swirled she has been dating since the summer, that she is “so anxious” about something, giving it the whole lip biting treatment. 

Confiding in her friend, she says: “I really don’t know if I can do it,” to which Morgan assures her that she does indeed “got it”. 

The pair are believed to have met via social media, which is the more whimsical version of Tinder let’s be real, and have been spotted all over the place together from workouts to holidaying with other Housewife girls. 

Other fuel to the speculation fire include Kyle being seen to be tattooing a perhaps, maybe, could be, no judgement if so, possessive ‘K’ on Morgan’s arm. No judgement, we all love a reckless, albeit permanent, expression of adoration. It’s fine, no need to get concerned. 

More designed to send the maximum amount of people wild was Kyle’s starring role the video for Morgan’s tune Fall in Love With Me this summer as the love interest who steals the 29-year-old’s heart. In the musical montage, they are seen bathing together, feeding each other fruit and sending audiences wild by teasing, but not pulling through, sealing the deal with a kiss. 

However, Morgan has not been here for all the noise surrounding her and Kyle, telling PEOPLE magazine just after its release, “We’re friends. The internet’s a dumb place.”

The news of Kyle and Mauricio’s split, which broke back in July, came along with a statement promising the pair would “remain amicable” for the sake of their daughters Farah, Alexia, Sophia and not-so little anymore Portia after being “separated for a while” so fans eagerly await whatever intel they can gather when it comes back next week. 

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